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Alabama senator tables motion in support of anti-gay ‘hero’ Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson

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Reader comments

  1. Nothing says ‘Christian’ like state sponsored bigotry.

    Have these people seriously read the guy’s comments? Not just his comments on that specific article either, as bad as they are. He’s been filmed giving sermons, comparing homosexuals to murderers and even worse.

  2. That’s not how the article reads. You should try reading it again.

    1. Tim Hanafin 27 Dec 2013, 3:38pm


    2. This was a reply to another comment that’s been removed.

  3. It seems that Russia and the US have a lot in common: inbred bigots thrive and become lawmakers, in spite of being wholly anacaephali! LOL!!!

  4. Holding up this redneck moron’s poisonous bile as an example of Christianity in action just says it all.

  5. American lawmakers that obviously are more concerned with imposing religion over the American Constitution should be removed from office because they don’t follow the principles of this country.

  6. Hero? oh forgive, I real Zero!

    phil robertson another dumb ass redneck – and ‘another great living argument for mercy killing!’

  7. Janet Lameck 28 Dec 2013, 11:28am

    He’d best get his office in order because he AIN’T gonna be in it after the next election!

  8. Speaking of contradictions, how about the Republican religious factions restricting and attacking LGBT people at every opportunity?

    I love the hypocrisy of the right wing in America, they’re so idiotic they don’t even understand their own nonsense. It’s remarkable to see a Republican fanatic in the US screaming about the injustice against religious wannabe dictators, while claiming superiority over others when it comes to equality for LGBT people.

    No doubt he’s against gay marriage. The mentally challenged always seem to scream foul when their views are attacked, while ignoring the fact that THEY DO THIS EVERY DAY!

    None of these religious nutters should be allowed into any position of government or leadership. They cannot work for all, they only represent their fellow delusional public.

  9. Christopher Coleman 28 Dec 2013, 5:42pm

    Right wing Republicans love Robertson and are inspired by him. No surprise there. If it’s bad, you can always count on Republican support.

  10. …. And this is news? Isn’t Alabama’s State motto, ‘Racists and homophobes of the world, unite’? Seems to me that they need to check their clocks. It appears they stopped around 60 years ago.

  11. Frank Boulton 3 Jan 2014, 11:09am

    Just in case some readers don’t understand Alabama State Senator Jerry Fielding’s motion and comments in support of Phil Robertson’s little rant, he’s defending the much cherished principle of Freedom of Speech. Translated into plain English, he’s saying, “Everyone has the right to express an opinion, just so long as it’s the same opinion as MINE.”

    I think that we can chalk this up as another own goal for the bigots.

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