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US: Texas nightclub kicks out gay couple for dancing together to country music

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Reader comments

  1. Mark Greenberg 26 Dec 2013, 12:26pm

    Another report says”Cactus Canyon spokesperson Roger Gearhart confirmed to KAVU-TV that the establishment does indeed have a policy prohibiting men from dancing together, but noted that Meyer and Douglas were asked to leave not because of their sexual orientation, but because of their clash with the owner. (Time to fill their inbox!!)

    Read more:

  2. Come on people. Country music is the Tea Party music. The soundtrack for US Republicans. Really, what did they expect? Upgrade your taste in music.

    These 2 were like black guys dancing at a KKK rally.

    1. horsecrap.

      the most accepting and open-minded people I’ve ever met were at country music dance clubs.

      and your “upgrade your taste in music” comment is just beyond the pale. “Upgrade” to what? To music that YOU consider acceptable?

      My god, the intolerance and ignorance in some segments of the LGBT community is astounding.

    2. Trashy comment, Jase. Gay people are allowed to enjoy any music they like. Your iTunes library may not be to eveqyone’s taste.

    3. You’re a vicious bigot.

  3. These two guys have really got balls! We should all be going to straight clubs and strutting our stuff. We’ll never “go mainstream” if we don’t demand it!

    1. Maybe you don’t dare do it in Muslim England but in the U.S. we’re seeing lots of crossover stuff like this.

      1. Bless – not really very knowledgeable about the worlds of clubbing and dance music, are you MJ?

      2. “Muslim England”?
        The UK is a secular society, but aside from that, the Christian religion has far more power here than any other faith. I think you need to stop listening to Alex Jones, stop reading the bullsh*t on AboveTopSecret and start ignoring the paranoid delusional idiots out there. You’ve obviously been listening to far too much EDL/BNP nonsense.

        1. I don’t listen to the EDL/BNP, but I know the UK well, and who are the primary gay bashers. And the beheaders.

        2. In 2009 Muslims from Britain, France and Germany were interviewed for a Gallup poll, one of the questions being whether homosexuality is morally acceptable. 35% of the French Muslims agreed; 19% of the German Muslims agreed; but none of the 500 British Muslims interviewed for the poll agreed.

          1. If the Brits wise up they can still prevent the future UK becoming a Muslim theocracy. But only the heterosexual Brits will be smart enough to do it. The gays are clueless, even though they have the most to lose.

  4. Derek Williams 27 Dec 2013, 12:43am

    They don’t want gay people in the club, or anywhere, and won’t stop until they’ve gotten rid of us.

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