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Ugandan president Museveni says he will send anti-gay bill back to court if it is ‘not right’

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Reader comments

  1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 26 Dec 2013, 1:17pm

    Do I sense a bit of remorse here ? This country is dependent on help from other countries. So go on ; threaten with sanctions, like Denmark !

    1. It is Uganda’s first lady Janet Museveni who is totally in thrall to the US evangelicals who have been working on her for decades now, it will be difficult for the president to go against his own wife’s wishes, now is his chance to show who wears the pants in the Museveni household.

  2. I imagine the prime ministers of Canada and UK and Hilary Clinton also quiet rightly said they may have to review foreign aid to Uganda.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Dec 2013, 2:28pm

      The UK cut off aid to Uganda a few months ago.

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 26 Dec 2013, 2:35pm

      Yes, they have –

  3. Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni said: “I will first go through it, if I find that it is right I will sign but if I find that it is not right I will send it back to parliament.”

    Well it contraveans human rights obligations under international law and the UN convention on Human Rights for starters, and so does the existing law penalising and prosecuting gay people, even before you get to this hideous peice of legislation passed by the Uganda legislators which does NOT comply with the Uganda constitution and sticks a middle finger up at the UN Human rights convention and if made law, merits a visit to the Hague in cuffs for those who enforce it. No it is not right, and no sane person would inflict this legislation on their people.

    1. “…no sane person …”

  4. All aid and trade to the savage dump that is Uganda must cease until homosexuality is FULLY decriminalised.

    This is just posturing by the president.

    His country is a primitive dump.

    1. And the same should go for all the other homophobic countries, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran to name just a few. Sadly we all know it’s not going to happen. Money and profit counts for far more than innocent lives.

  5. What about aid still continuing through the “back door”, Church of England has Uganda Link in Bristol Diocese funding Church of Uganda? Also local initiative in Hackney, London, of funding a CoU church in northern Uganda? Don’t they realise that they are supporting oppression? CoU supports bill! Or, maybe C o England just turning a blind eye?

  6. So, how about we tare the whole thing apart and leave one thing and add one more. Leave the death penalty for having sex with minors but add that it doesn’t matter if its a boy or a girl on either part. See the thing that has always kind of creeped me out was the whole gay sex with miners. Did that mean there are no laws protecting youth otherwise?

  7. International Transformation Network
    An international movement which claims homosexuals are possessed by demons and purports to cure HIV and AIDS through faith healing and prayer has gained access to Uganda’s top leaders (via first lady Janet Museveni)and is engineering theocratic transformation of the nation.
    Key figures behind the “kill the gays bill” are closely tied to this movement. For their names and an account of how the situation has been carefully orchestrated by ITN ministries over the last two decades
    (see link to a 20 minute documentary video “Transforming Uganda”)
    High resolution

    Low resolution

  8. “It’s taken me 9,000 miles… to understand what is happening in Uganda”
    Bruce Wilson …(excellent article)

  9. Ugandan government may lose aid from Denmark over anti-gay law.

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