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Sports stars Tom Daley and Ben Cohen wear ‘gay icon’ aprons for Christmas

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Reader comments

  1. Rainbow Warrior 26 Dec 2013, 1:40pm

    They are both cheddar gorge! Wonderful sportsmen and brilliant role models.

  2. That Ben Cohen is something else, isn’t he! What an amazing example he’s setting. Saw him sitting around, sprawled out, so masculine, so at ease with himself, in the last few minutes of the final of Strictly the other night. He’s really showing a lot of hetero men the right way to behave with regard to homosexuality.

  3. Doesn’t the name Daley sound too….ugh….Irish ?

      1. Whatever. But you know it’s true.

    1. Staircase2 27 Dec 2013, 9:55pm


      1. Oh no !!! (LOL. As if that changes the truth of what I wrote, which you now have to live with).

  4. Ben Cohen… legend but Tom Daley… give it a rest man, we know you’re gay. in fact, most of us knew you were before you even did. Go and enjoy your life and stop going on and on about you being gay. we know. get it?!

    1. Actually, Luke, if you are so hypersensitive about rainbow colours, all you have to do is find something else to read. Maybe you should ask the media to stop going on about it, since these photos were put on his personal Twitter account? If you are annoyed by see photos you deserve to be, and I hope Tom continues to wind people like you up!

  5. Ben Cohen, you are fantastic and it’s great to have you as a friend! Happy new year to you and your family!

  6. The Gay Icon apron from Ben Cohen’s pink pound extraction range. I’m so bored of it now…

    1. Well don’t donate then. He’s not creaming the cash off. It’ll be the gay kids that go through the bullying that suffer, but as long as you’re not ‘bored’ …

  7. Staircase2 27 Dec 2013, 9:54pm

    Is it just me or is there something a tad Tom of Finland going on on Daley’s right leg? Lol

  8. Ben…you always rock man. This apart Did you buy this apron from ? I saw the same there.

  9. The picture of Ben is superb… the one of Tom on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired. Whoever took it needs a damn good spanking! :)

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