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PinkNews Poll: LGBT voters wary of the rise of UKIP and Nigel Farage

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Reader comments

  1. James gill 26 Dec 2013, 4:58pm

    The only UK political party I’m genuinely frightened of is the dup. They’re in power a jurisdiction and have actively blocked and challenged LGBT equality. All down to their extremely vocal religious fuelled bigotry.

    UKIP may not be the poster boy if liberal thinking, but frankly even with rising opinion polls they haven’t got a snowballs chance in hell of denting the Westminster political sphere.

  2. The results of this survey are highly dubious, given that leading questions were used. David Cameron and the Conservative party were listed as the default answers for all questions they were an option as an answer. This meant anyone who missed a question would have had their answer recorded as the first alphabetical option, which will have skewed the results. I would have expected this to have been pointed out in the analysis of the results as it brings them into question. I am suppressed that mine, and other reader comments regarding this and other issues with the survey have been ignored completely.

    To me, this brings into question the journalistic integrity of the site as a whole into question.

    If readers concerns are completely over looked, can we trust the reporting in this site.

    I for one am very disappointed. Perhaps I am naive, but I expected better.

    1. Mark the guy down as much as you like but he is right. Seems that people on here cannot accept constructive criticism or say anything negative. It does not mean people don’t like reading the site just because people don’t always agree with something. We are supposed to be in a country of free speech people have a right to disagree or question this questionnaire

      1. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, I haven’t looked in to it, but it has nothing to do with freedom of speech. A right to free speech is not a right to be agreed with or listened to. Too many people throw those words around without understanding what they mean.

      2. Thanks for the support p, I was pointing out errors in the way the questions were asked, and don’t really understand why people have marked it down. It is a silly mistake to make to have a default option for a question, the default option should have been “please select an answer”.

        Pink News open them self to criticism when the publish articles pointing out flaws in the research of others, as they have in the past.

        When errors are pointed out before the data is collated and published, then you really leave yourself open to criticism.

        I am a fan of pink news and am disappointed to see poorly carried out research bringing down what is on the whole a very good site.

    2. Gary Powell 27 Dec 2013, 12:07pm

      David – do you think that enough respondents would have missed those questions and accidentally sent in the default answers to have skewed the results at all significantly? I just don’t see it. Are Pink News readers really so careless when filling out online forms?

      1. You make a fair point, but when completing the survey on a mobile device, it is much easier to miss than you may realise. Also with a small sample, a couple of missed questions could skew the results. The point remains, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly, and when pink news publish articles questioning the research of others, they open themselves to this type of criticism.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Dec 2013, 7:05pm

    The time we should start to worry is if some of them win seats in the Commons. Even one is one too many.

  4. The poll I saw today does not suggest UKIP is “on course to win the 2014 European elections”. Labour has a clear lead, with UKIP and the Tories neck-and-neck for second place.

    Again, highly dubious reporting which owes little to weighted polls conducted by reputable polling companies.

    1. Ben Walker 26 Dec 2013, 9:37pm

      Yes, a poll five/six months away.
      Polling still has the people in FPTP mood. It happened in 2009 too, with UKIP expected to lose over half of its MEPs by the December/January polling. UKIP’s position will improve nearer the time.

    2. To be fair to Pink News, Labour has always dramatically under-performed in European elections since the introduction of PR. To be precise, at every EU election held under PR to date, Labour’s share of the vote has been 12 or 13 points below its vote share at the next general election. There’s a very good chance that Labour is going to drop sharply as we head into the EU election period, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for Labour.

  5. Self-selecting polls are always completely meaningless – they tell you about the subset of a population who visit a particular website at a particular time and decide to answer the questions, but they don’t tell you anything at all about the wider population (they are also extremely susceptible to being deliberately skewed). I don’t really understand what the other poll is.

    Anyway, I don’t see why people aren’t more worried about the Tories. There aren’t really any signs that UKIP will gain significant power at Westminster in the foreseeable future, but a Tory majority is a realistic possibility. They are already promising to scrap the Human Rights Act and the ECHR, which have led to so many advances in LGBT rights (equal age of consent, gender recognition, adoption in Northern Ireland, openly serving in the military…) and don’t seem particularly happy with our current anti-discrimination laws. A majority of them opposed SSM and most of the other recent steps forward.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Dec 2013, 9:49pm

      Opposing the Human Rights Act and ECHR is a ploy to stave off Tories defecting to UKIP and in fact to throw a spanner in the works. UKIP may do better in the European Parliament but not in Westminster I don’t think.

      Tory opposition to the marriage bill wasn’t that large comparatively. Just a little more than half opposed it. The Mail hyped it to imply that the opposition was overwhelming. It really wasn’t if you look at the results. It was the Mail and Telegraph that predicted the bill would be massacred in the Lords and yet even there, it received a higher degree of support, 73% compared to 69% in the Commons.

    2. Agreed. While I find UKIP repellent, they don’t worry nearly so much as the Tories because the Tories are the ones most likely to have power – and one blip in their near unbroken record of homophobia (and not much of one at that, given the Tory opposition to marriage equality) does not mean we shouldn’t still be very worried about them

  6. This poll tells us nothing beyond that a lot of Pink News readers are gay Tories – which is hardly surprising.

  7. Ben Walker 26 Dec 2013, 9:36pm

    As a bisexual UKIP member, I can understand why you might be worried. I am hoping however that the party’s opposition to equal marriage will be dropped in the near future. I doubt our policy would be to repeal it, mind.

    Please don’t be worried by UKIP though. Sure, some of our candidates say the most ridiculous and repugnant of things, but such is a free society, in every good egg you have a disgusting one, I guess I’m a pretty tolerant guy to the embarrassing side of UKIP. No one is, alas, perfect, least of all homophobes, transphobes, etc. Don’t stereotype the party as those in which you have linked to at the end of your article.

    1. That There Other David 30 Dec 2013, 8:29am

      The entire reason for UKIP to exist is to pander to those that don’t accept the modernisation of the Tory Party. A truer metaphor where they are concerned would be “for every good egg expect several disgusting ones”. You may be all happy-clappy and LGBT friendly, but that’s not the majority opinion within UKIP. Far from it.

    2. joshxxxful 6 Jan 2014, 2:29pm

      I agree there are lots of lgbt members of ukip. And un like the letter underneath suggests we are not all tory moderniser deniers. We joined because we want a referendum on Europe. None of the other 3 are offering that choice including david Cameron. Hes pro eu all the way. Ukip offers the only alternative. Not all of us are obsessed with gay rights . completely. Some of us think about other issues as well.

  8. where were the greens in this poll?

  9. I don’t like ukip but I am shocked at the bias shown towards them and the pro Cameron article in the guardian

    This should be called pink opinion or Ben cohens blog. Absolute rubbish

    1. It’s just stating the facts from the poll mate. just because it doesn’t show the result you would of probably preferred you’re claiming it’s biased…

      The poll is very similar to national polls./ labour slightly ahead but Cameron much preferred as PM to Miliband. LGBT voters are like any other, we live in the same country. And yes, Cameron’s support for same sex marriage has made it much easier for LGBT voters who are centre right to support the Conservative party. LGBT people are not one harmonious group. Anyone who claims we are are homophobic in my view. We are all different people just like straight people.

      1. Which is true Luke. Remember Boris Johnson saying that we are not born equal showing what the Tories really think. Or Chris Grayling saying B&B owners should be able to discriminate. You are a useful idiot and behind closed doors the Tories will tear you apart. Marriage is a retrograde step while the rest of the world has moved on from marriage the assimilators are still trying be like their parents. Why can’t we be allowed to be different and equal rather than all the same? A CP IMO is much more modern and forward looking than an archaic marriage. The agenda is being set by conservatives like Ben Cohen NAND Andrew Duncan and from what I can see they did nothing except make a lot of money of being gay. There are gay people who fought for our rights from the 70’s and this lot came late to the party and took over. I’m no fan of Tatchell but I do respect him. He wasn’t invited to Cameron’s 10ds event. He’s seen as old gay trouble maker not like the beige assimilators,

        1. Tatchell was never invited by Labour to 10 Downing Street either.

          I am not here to debate whether LGBT people should vote Tory or not. Fact is, many do and probably feel they are able to because many Tories including the PM is in favour of equal rights for LGBT people. Furthermore, many LGBT people are favourable towards Cameron hence his strong lead in the PinkNews poll.

          Listen mate… LGBT people are extremely diverse, just as diverse as straight people are. It’s not the 1970s anymore, it’s 2013… almost 2014 and I am thankful for that. I appreciate the fight that happened in the 70s but we’re in a new era now. We should never forget the fight that took place but we should move on at the same time. This poll signifies that. equality in my eyes is where LGBT people are not pointed out because they are LGBT. This poll is very similar to national polls and that makes me happy. LGBT people have all the concerns straight people do too. Very few of us vote on LGBT only issues anymor

          1. Point is Luke the foundation of the rights you take for granted was fought for by the outsiders. The drag queens, the weirdos the people the Tories shun. People like Elton John firmly in the closet now reaping the benefits without recognising the past. Those who forget the past will repeat it. Just remember that cases of anti gay attacks are going up only the rich few can use money to protect themselves while someone like damilola Taylor murdered after being taunted for being a “battyman” will suffer. Expect more working class gay murders as we roll back all the hard work to vanish into society and go into the gilded closet. Be gay but don’t shove it down our throats kind of tolerance.

        2. bobbleobble 27 Dec 2013, 12:18pm

          The rest of the world has moved on from marriage? When did that happen? Just this year Brazil, France, New Zealand and Uruguay as well as England and Wales all moved towards same sex marriage as well as nine US states and the ACT (albeit the latter having its law overturned). So in what way is the rest of the world moving away from marriage? And I cannot believe that you are seriously arguing for separate but equal – it doesn’t work.

          You may have conned yourself into believing that a CP is better than marriage but that’s just self-delusion. CPs were created to make us almost but not quite equal to straight people, to keep us separate whilst pretending to take us seriously and keep us on the outside looking in. No one is going to force you to get married but what is wrong with wanting to fit in? Why should gay people exist on the fringes of society? You seem to want us to go back to a time when we were either shunned or we had to remain as far in the closet as possible. No thanks.

        3. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Dec 2013, 12:35pm

          Step outside of the UK with a CP and you will quickly discover that you are not equal in any way shape or form. CPs aren’t the standard for LGBT couples and haven’t caught on in the rest of the industrialised world. Only one other country’s more or less mimics ours…Ireland, nowhere else. The rest are extremely unequal. I don’t want to be treated any differently from the rest of society, why should I, why should anyone? Just because you don’t like or want marriage that’s fine, but many of us do. As the slogan goes, if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t have one. Live and let live.

  10. This is my first time on this site. Tell me: is it totally unrepresentative – or are LGBT people generally only interested in ‘sectional’ issues such as homophobic discrimination and gay marriage? Or do some of us care about the increasing inequality of wealth; destruction of public services; the removal of the social security safety-net, etc? Personally, Cameron can stick marriage equality up his @rse – he leads the most viciously right-wing and socially backward UK government in modern times and I’d have to be rohypnol’d even to contemplate voting Tory.

    1. An excellent post which I fundamentally agree with. I think part of the problem is that in all of the areas you mention, Labour has neither distinguished themselves during their time in office nor since 2010. The coalition has massively ramped up the speed and severity of gutting public services and attacking the most vulnerable, but as long as Labour are too afraid to genuinely ideologically separate themselves from all of that they probably come across to people as a slightly more gutless version of the same thing.

      All that being said, it does genuinely baffle me as to why Cameron would be more popular than Miliband. Miliband is clearly not Gordon Brown when it comes to queer rights, and the idea that we should respect Cameron for standing up to his party on queer rights is offensive. Most MPs are so wealthy and well-connected (and Cameron more than most) that they risk nothing by standing up for the right thing.

      The next general election is a depressing one to be a queer, a liberal and a leftie. Although I’d like to vote Green, in a three-way marginal I suspect I’ll end up voting for the lesser of three evils.

      I do wonder about the demographic profile of this site though. Certainly it seems far more Tory than most of the queer people I’ve met in real life. Maybe I don’t mix in sufficiently Tory circles.

    2. Yes Teresa, unfortunately I think it probably is representative of the gay community. If it gives you any comfort though, there is a very small minority like you and I that do care about social justice for all.

  11. This goes to show LGBT voters are like any other voters. The poll is in line with others. Labour is slightly ahead but not by much and Cameron is preferred PM than Miliband. This is exactly what national polls show too.

    1. Y anyone who votes tory is a selfish ass hole. I’ve seen what they did closing down day centres for deaf and disabled people. Stopping benefits. I knew a disabled woman in a wheelchair in her late 50s being told to go to an ATOS assessment. She was terrified for months. Luckily the local paper took up her story. I have no respect for anyone who votes for the I expect rich people to do so as they got rich through their selfishness and lack or morals. But it’s even worse when working class or poor people vote for them. It somehow makes them feel like they belong but the ruling classes will always treat them with contempt…….just like gay people.

      1. In a democracy people should be able to vote for who they like and we should also accept the result too.

        Back in 2008 when Labour were in power they gave the contract to assess people on sickness benefit to ATOS until 2015 so maybe you should direct some of your anger to them as well.

        Under Labour the mega rich were taxed less than their cleaners. The income tax for the rich was lower than it is now. The working poor were cobbled by Labour too. The 10p tax rate was abolished which doubled the tax of the working poor. On the other hand, the coalition has taken 2 million out of tax and cut tax for 25 million people.

        I would assume many working class vote Tory because they believe in aspiration and want to be rewarded for their hard work. I can totally understand that. It’s human nature to want to do better for yourself and your children. People who want to complain about their fortunes all the time and blame other people…. I can understand why they chose to vote differently

        1. Tories aspiration myth łie the free market myth. If there was a free market the bank would have been left to fail rather than printing money for then which they kept. Aspiration does not have to cost anyone. Work hard study but also look after those whoa re less fortunate. We will never agree luke but I hope you realise that there are poor and disabled lgbt folk who feel left out. I guess you are the future. Time for me to go back into the closet i don’t want to be associated with people like you

          1. James stop taking pity on your self and just enjoy life a bit more. Laters

          2. Very classy Luke. One day if you’re lucky you’ll get it

    2. I’m note sure we are like any other voters. I mean, the cross-section of opinion and demographics obviously exists, but if you look at the last general election I believe opinion polling was suggesting that queer voters were more or less in line with the average until very close to the election when the Tory vote haemorrhaged.

      Ethnic minority voters are hugely heterogenous just like us, but they overwhelmingly support Labour, especially black voters. It seems fair to say that certain groups in society vote in ways which are influenced by them being a member of that group.

  12. This opinion blog with advertising calling its self Europa largest gay news service cannot be trusted.

    1. James! I too, while appreciating what some in the Tory party have done for our rights, I will never vote for them. The party is largely homophobic. But you are wrong to resent equal marriage. Those GLBTs who do not agree with it will now be free to CHOOSE not to partake of it. Having that choice is an essential human right. I am Gay but I also see myself as part of the mainstream. I will be converting my CP to marriage at the first opportunity. It will have a positive effect beyond my relationship.

  13. The BBC’s pro-UKIP stance far outweighs any political influence that Pink News might have. Nigel Farage has made clear that he doesn’t support LGBT equality, so it’s hardly surprising LGBT voters are wary of his party.

    1. The BBC pro-UKIP? I wouldn’t go that far, people on the Mail Online were wailing about how anti-UKIP they were when Farage was on there not so long ago.

  14. How about a full breakdown of the polling?

  15. The way to stop the rise of UKIP is to get out and exercise your right to vote. Parties like that get into power, not necessarily because they have the support of the majority, it’s because the majority are not bothered to vote against them. I agree that the main parties are not very inspiring, but if we all adopted the Russel Brand view and not vote at all, then it will take very few votes for Ukip to win. They are just a nasty fascist party that will change for the worst if they ever got to power

    1. soapbubblequeen 28 Dec 2013, 8:38pm

      Well said Janet. There are a lot of armchair politicians in this country. At least we all have a vote, even if it’s all an illusion of freedom and democracy!

    2. That There Other David 30 Dec 2013, 8:32am

      Agreed. You’d have hoped that the BNP obtaining seats and subsequent funding last time round would be enough of a wake-up call to the UK electorate to actually bother turning up at the polling station this time.

      It will be apathy winning this year’s European elections. As it is every time.

  16. Staircase2 27 Dec 2013, 9:40pm

    Confused article
    UKIP is not going to ‘win the European Election’. Pink News is conflating MEP elections with ‘Europe’. MEP’s are the country’s representatives TO Europe. UKIP is a UK political party not a European one.

    Shoddy journalism (and why no author…?)

  17. Christopher 27 Dec 2013, 10:40pm

    Awesome to see such support towards David Cameron!

  18. They’re just the BNP with a slightly better vocabulary, wearing slightly more expensive suits. It’s all the same bigotry, no matter how they try to package it.

  19. GingerlyColors 28 Dec 2013, 10:01am

    In politics there are a whole load of other issues apart from gay rights which concern 5% of the population. People, gay and straight worry about important things such as the economy, the NHS, law and order, immigration and of course Europe. The last two are particularly high on the agenda, especially as in a few days time restrictions on people migrating from Romania and Bulgaria will be eased and another wave of mass migration on the scale of that from the countries that acceded to the EU in 2004 could be the final straw which breaks the camel’s back when it comes to our already creaking infrastructure. Mark me down for being racist if you want but name me another, densely populated country like ours that will be prepared to throw open it’s doors to such an influx of people. This sort of thing will only play into UKIP’s hands and with a system of proportional representation in EU Parliamentary elections ensuring every vote counts I will not be surprised if UKIP become (…more)

    1. GingerlyColors 28 Dec 2013, 10:08am

      the second largest UK political party in Strasbourg. Perhaps the most positive thing about such an outcome is that the even more odious BNP which currently has two MEP’s will be banished to the sidelines where it belongs.
      I personally do not want to see a UKIP government in Westminster but a strong message needs to be sent to David Cameron and his possible successor, Ed Milliband that Britain’s future in the EU needs to be reconsidered and perhaps we would be better off taking the same path as Norway where they enjoy a superb standard of living, excellent human rights and same sex marriages without having to be part of the EU. UKIP has more than it’s share of fruit loops closet racists and swivel eyed loons but far worse parties have managed to get elected when things went wrong – Germany 1933 is a prime example.

  20. Dave Plummer 28 Dec 2013, 1:36pm

    UKIP don’t appear to have a position on the TTIP yet. I think that says everything anybody needs to know about them.

  21. The only way to deal with the decline of morals is capital punishment for disgusting offences against God and nature

  22. Nigel needs to come out of the closet.
    His gayness is as obvious as a pig in a freakin’ parlor!lol

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