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Sarah Palin admits to defending anti-gay reality star without reading his comments

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Reader comments

  1. Of course she hasn’t read it. ‘We bigots have got to stick together, after all’.

    No it’s not his beliefs, he’s entitled to them. I defend his right to have opinions, even ones I disagree with. It was what he said about homosexuals and who he compared them to (thieves and murderers). He went into a spiel about vaginas and anuses.

    There was no need for it. If he had said “Well, homosexuality’s considered a sin in my world view,” and left it at that, I could have respectfully disagreed with him on it.
    But he went on to defame and ridicule homosexuals and compared us to murderers, and thieves.
    That’s what you was defending Palin, though let’s be honest, you’d agree with him on that anyway. You’re just as hateful and ignorant as Robertson.

  2. Very stupid woman, defends very stupid man – shocka!

  3. Sarah Palin is thrillingly idiotic, just awesome.

  4. Of course she has not read them, the silly bint can’t read.

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 25 Dec 2013, 7:50pm

    S. Palin, has she read The ten Commandments ? Nr. 9 about– “bear false witness–” ? This lady is just a joke. She’s as stupid and fake as foam on water. Should be nominated as the new leader of The World wide homophobic society. Even a group like that she would probably bring to ruin.

    One total phoney Palin supporting another equally total phoney Robertson. Say hello to the manufactured crap that is the Republican America of their dreams, the ignorant lap it up like pigs at a trough.

  7. She’s a cabbage! I would hope that her stupidity is actually favourable to us ,but i’m never shocked by how stupid people can be , so no doubt , she has many fans.

  8. What a clown.

  9. Palin opens her gob before checking anything up. Hold the front page. She reminds me of Barry Humphries’ dictum about Dame Edna – ‘the key to her character is that she knows nothing about anything, and so has an opinion about everything.’

  10. I guess she also backs his belief that blacks were happier under Jim Crow laws.

  11. like anyone cares what this pain in the A double snakes has to say anymore…she’s washed up and rung out

  12. Christopher Coleman 28 Dec 2013, 5:44pm

    Sarah admits she can read. That’s a start.

  13. I’d still hit it!!

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