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US judge denies request to halt same-sex marriages in Utah

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Reader comments

  1. On Monday, Republican Governor Gary Herbert said the judge’s ruling had resulted in “a lot of chaos”.
    Boo frickin hoo. Maybe Republicans should stop sponsoring legislation that blatantly goes against the US Constitution, eh?

    Since the Constitution defines the spirit and principles on which the country was founded, their track record of disregard for the Constitution of their own damn country surely makes Republicans the very epitome of what it is to be “un-American”.

  2. Bobbleobble 24 Dec 2013, 12:40pm

    The chaos hasn’t been caused by the ruling but by conservatives refusing to go along with the ruling and throwing up riadblocks. It’s very simple, treat married gay couples the same as straight ones. All the procedures are already in place for straight couples, it can’t be that difficult to extend them to gay couples. And even if there is a bit of an adjustment period so what? Unless and until another court rules otherwise the state of a Utah was denying rights to its citizens that they were entitled to under the constitution. I think that for acting unconstitutionally the government of Utah deserves a bit of chaos.

  3. The past year has seen barriers to SSM fall in many U.S. states. But Utah is the biggest “get” so far, and totally unexpected. The only chaos occurring in Utah is in the Mormon church, which has learned just how vulnerable it is and that Federal law always trumps bad state law. Video of the first marriages is exhilarating to watch:

  4. Tom Cotner 24 Dec 2013, 2:33pm

    One state at a time, this horrible bigotry is falling! Perhaps, sooner than we realize, true equality (at least in this area) will be appreciated in the US.

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