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The Top US LGBT stories of 2013

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Reader comments

  1. Why should Pink news care particularly about the top 12 US LGBT stories, as opposed to the top 12 French or top 12 Italian ones? I don’t think there is a good reason. It does however reinforce something I have noticed earlier: that Pink News covers American stories disproportionately. I think the main reason for this may in large part be the following: reporting more news from non-Anglophone countries in a quick and efficient manner requires foreign language skills which are perhaps lacking.

    1. Maybe they focus on the U.S. for the same reason they focus on the U.K.–because a large number of their readers are American (and British)? Just a thought.

      1. A fair number of their readers are French, Spanish and Italian, too

  2. Stuart McKlusk 25 Dec 2013, 12:54am

    What a poor selection! You’ve focused almost entirely upon trashy celebrity stories or the meaningless prancing of homophobic bigots of the highest degree of insignificance.

    Out of everything that happened to us this year, your choices are an insulting, undignified joke. Does Pink News still identify itself as an lgbt newspaper? Because unless you’re trying to compete with the sun, you’re far closer to a cheap magazine these days.

    I expected better. Merry Christmas!

  3. So much news happening, and late in the year- certainly SSM becoming legal in Utah, the 18th US state, has to rank as one of the biggest stories, this from the heart of the Mormon church, declared staunch enemy of LGBTs. And now comes word that Utah has exhausted its appeals (10th Circuit Court denies same-sex marriage stay,- Court ruling gives OK for gays to keep getting marriage licenses in Utah – Salt Lake Tribune, Xmas Eve edition). SSM is very likely to remain legal in Utah, and the successful court procedure that made Utah’s marriage ban moot serves as a model for the other 30 odd remaining states with similar constitutional prohibitions against SSM.

  4. The focus on U.S. news, just like the U.K. news, is probably to cater to the interests of the readers. It might be that most of the readers, after the British, are American? Just a thought.

  5. What about the murder of Marco McMillian ? I guess when you found out it wasn’t a white racist who had killed him you lost interest.

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