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The things PinkNews is proud of achieving in 2013

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations on the achievements in 2013.

    On the road to becoming an even better website can I make some suggestions for improvement.

    1. A stricter quality control in terms of what gets published – sometimes the stories printed on here leave me wondering why they are being published. It seems to have eased off now thankfully but for a period of time there was a relentless barrage of stories about the most disgusting bigotry by obscure religious extremists. The arguement used to justify these stories about the WBC and Bryan Fischer and Linda Harvey et al was that it was important to shine a light on this extremism. However that was ignoring the fact that these people require publicity to be heard and PN was for a time very dedicated to promoting their views. There were even a number of stories based on tweets sent directly from the Westboro Baptist Church to this site – they were playing the site very successfully.

    2. Grammar and spelling checks on all stories published. ..

    1. Sometimes it is obvious that no-one has proofread the articles published. Also please make sure that if you use a quotation in a headline that it is a direct quote.

      3. More openness about the site’s political leanings. I know the site claims to be politically neutral – but often there is a clear Tory bias. This may be because the site is pro-Tory or it may be to ensure access to those in power. But when there is doubt about the neutrality of the site it delegitimises the site – this happened with Stonewall. If Baroness Warsi is giving a speech about human rights – the story is about her bigotry – not the waffle that is coming out of her mouth on a particular instance.

      4. Less focus on religion. Most LGBT people are alienated from religion (or are atheist) thanks to the sheer evil homophobia of most religions. Please try to remember this. Stories promoting religion will alienate a large segment of your audience.

      5 The founder and writer of this site are not public figures.

      1. Quoting Benjamin Cohen or reporting on his parents is very strange. He is the founder of this website. By quoting him ad nauseum it looks like he is using the website as a means of self-promotion, This delegitimises the website.

      2. Midnighter 24 Dec 2013, 6:10pm

        Point 4 – absolutely not. More religion please, and I say that as a vocal agnostic.

        An effective way to bring about positive change with respect to religion is to expose its shortfalls with regards to the LGBT community for discussion (or ridicule). Equally where religion brings something positive to our lives, I think that too is worth noting as it can be used as a template for improvement within religion.

        I’m surprised by the implication of your comment: are there particular articles you can refer to which support the suggestion that this site is pro-religion?

        If anyone is likely to get alienated from this site, it is the evangelically religious who get jumped on very quickly in the comments, so again I’m not sure where you are coming from there.

    2. Midnighter 24 Dec 2013, 5:59pm

      Agree with you on point 2.

      Regarding Point 1 – you are suggesting we keep quiet about the likes of Bryan Fischer, Linda Harvey and the WBC as though starving them of publicity is the solution. The first two already have access to dedicated media programmes, and the WBC are all over the internet. The best thing in my view is to expose these individuals to deserved criticism and ridicule in the light of day, in a forum where they are not calling the shots.

      If we ignore them and don’t challenge them on what they say, all that will happen is their existing audiences will never hear the opposing view, or even if they do lose the ear of the media – since there are no shortage of relgious nutters – they will simply replaced by someone more effective at generating media attention.

      The only way PN would help their cause would be reporting them verbatim without any targeted critique or opposing view, and I’ll grant you that at times that has not been as strongly executed as it might.

  2. Here’s a suggestion for 2014. Spare us the boasting and self-congratulation! It’s bad enough when individuals like Tatchell and Cohen do it – but nauseating coming from a commercial organization. If you are as good as you keep telling us you are then OTHER PEOPLE will sing your praises. And it’s what other people say about you that counts.

  3. Please stop trying to be like buzzfeed with the random lists containing a random number of random things. Or taking credit for things you’ve reported on. The journalistic quality of pink news has gone way downhill in the last year. I don’t think that’s an achievement to be proud of.

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