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Richard Branson: I urge companies to boycott Uganda because of its anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. I have always greatly admired Richard Branson, and now more-so.

    This is exactly the message we need to send, and to see him making such a statement without LGBT groups having to fight with petitions and lobbying is a great thing indeed.

    There are many hundreds of thousands of business people who hold him as an idol in their professional lives, so lets hope that this opinion and message is widely publicized and made clear to anyone who holds influence in business and development with regard to Uganda.

    Can we expect the same kind of sentiment with regard to Russia though? That would be interesting to see.

    1. Yes, BlokeToys, let’s hope Richard Branson’s stance is widely publicised and that many companies and corporations decide to respond in the same way.

  2. Thank you, Sir Richard. I hope many follow your example. However, what about those with business interests in Zimbabwe, Kenya, India etc. It’s a long list.

  3. Sean Hunter 24 Dec 2013, 2:38pm

    Please, Please! Boycott Uganda and the other countries in Africa which continue the horrendous practices, physical, mental, emotional, social persecution & punishment of gay/lesbian/bi people who do nothing wrong, other than loving a spouse/bf/gf…..

    1. and add trans and intersex too for just being who they are

  4. Interestingly he doesn’t suggest the same for Nigeria, but then he actually does business there as Virgin Atlantic fly there so it would impact on his pocket and not be a symbolic gesture.

  5. QueeRevolutionary 24 Dec 2013, 3:28pm

    Branson is a hypocrite. Virgin Atlantic is not boycotting the United Arab Emirates, India Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia or Nigeria where they also have offices and where being gay is a crime punishable by arrest or death.

  6. Denis LeBlanc 24 Dec 2013, 5:44pm

    Activists in Uganda are urging the world not to threaten Boycott at this stage. The President has not yet signed the Bill into Law.

    Branson and other celebrities should learn to first listen to those affected, before urging such actions be taken. And, Branson does business in Nigeria and many countries where gays are subject to the death penalty.

    Pink News should not give this matter the headline space or top billing either as you appear to be endorsing his comments.

    1. Please supply some evidence that activists in Uganda are urging the world not to threaten Boycott at this stage. I will change my view if you can.

  7. Uganda is closed for business! excellent message, but should include Russia, Jamaica, Nigeria, india etc etc . We must keep boycotting products/goods/services from countries where savagery against the lgbt community is allowed/encouraged by law, and encourage/inform others .

  8. It is gratifying to hear that Branson opposes repression of LGBT people. Perhaps the people admiring and worshipping the guy should look at how he treats his own workers. For instance, discouraging employees of Virgin US from joining a union. Or telling rail workers in the UK that if they are unhappy with their jobs they should resign. We can manage perfectly fine without ‘allies’ of that nature.

  9. gay iz against our AFRICAN culture n even if u boycott we cant do evil to make u happy u should also respect our AFRICAN CUSTOMS N CULTURE i support the bill

    1. lady Tanya 28 Dec 2013, 1:49pm

      you should respect people is it a custom to beat up, put people in jail or even KILL them just because they love someone of the same sex, and please do not hide behind your god, if there is a god she/he would not want this, what would you do if someone in you family is GAY would you turn them in….

  10. If Richard Branson believes that Uganda should be boycotted for passing what he deems to be ‘anti-gay’ legislation (on the spurious grounds that such laws offend what passes for his ‘moral conscience’) will he kindly take urgent steps to shield himself from the charge of hypocrisy by immediately divesting himself of any and all business interests the Virgin Group has in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and other states which routinely punish homosexuality with imprisonment and even the death penalty?

  11. The French Charity that I represent which has strong interests in Uganda will withdraw its support if this enters into law. On a personal note I have gay friends in Uganda and I fear for their safety. Will the UK be offering asylum to these people?

  12. A true maverick, forward-thinker and great role-model. If only our politicians and other business leaders were as bold and forthright.

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