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Polish MP expresses support for Uganda’s anti-gay law with homophobic and racist remarks

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Reader comments

  1. In the European Parliament, the UK Conservative party is in an alliance the Law and Justice Party (they form the European Conservative and Reformists group).

  2. He’s a member of the Law and Justice Party who are a far right party.

    The Tories sit in the same grouping as this party in the European Parliament.

    Kind of makes sense seeing as the Tories are a far right party as well – more than 50% of Tory MPs believe we are 2nd class citizens undeserving of equal rights, and who voted against our equal rights this year.

  3. This MP is well known idiot and Catholic thug in Poland.

  4. I have met plenty of Polish people who came here and are utterly embarrassed and ashamed of their own country.

    Racism, homophobia, fascism and ignorance are widespread in their country, and they are embarrassed about it.

    One young man I met talked to me for a long time about how he was assaulted, bullied and attacked regularly just because he was educated and chose to go to college. Even being more educated in Poland is an excuse for others to attack you.

    This man is an embodiment of a large section of Polish society – like a British Mail-reading football hooligan, EDL supporter, who thinks intelligence equates to “queer”.

    For a country that suffered fascism at the hands of Hitler, they sure do seem to have a lot of them even today.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Dec 2013, 2:03pm

      Blimey, sound’s a bit like UKIP supporters and right wing Tory back benchers.

  5. polish_gay 24 Dec 2013, 1:12pm

    Mr Cameron, Polish gay people are waiting for your reaction. L&J – it’s your collegues from EP, not ours.

  6. Pieta must be so satisfied to see how accurately he displays the breadth of his intelligence to the world. (Might as well be proud of one grey cell if that’s all you have, I suppose.)

  7. Hi. I’m from Poland. Write to pilish parliament please:

  8. He obviously spends a certain amount of time thinking about men having sex in prison. A typical Catholic.

    1. Or a seriously repressed male who can’t seem to get his mind off ‘kielbasa’. Polska or otherwise.

  9. He must have been an SS German in his former life.

  10. Having the external appearance of intelligence does not necessarily make it so.

  11. Maybe he should holive there then!!

  12. He will be a footnote in the history books as an example of the irrational intolerance exhibited by human apathy.

  13. alwaysniceman 24 Dec 2013, 8:08pm

    Comments here are useless and impotent. If we want to be efficient, we should file complaint, you should send an e-mail reporting this MP to the Commission of Ministers’ Ethics in the Polish Sejm. It is a case for them:

    E-mails: (President of the Ethics Commission) (vice-resident of the Ethics Comission) (representative of Pieta’s party in the comission)

  14. same kind of nut jobs who in Poland cooperated with the nazis re sending Jews and yes about 50000 gay s total to the death camps

  15. It speaks volumes about him if he cannot rationalize any difference between a consenting adult human relationship and the abuse of a child, animal or corpse. There should be international laws banning idiots like this from being able to run for public office. In the interests of all humanity politicians everywhere should be required to have a certain level of intellectual and emotional intelligence before they can become public representatives. Any politician who is conflicted between their own “religious” convictions and other peoples civil rights either needs to put civil rights first or else get a different job!

  16. Former Eastern-bloc Euro countries were freed only to be intensely hateful of gays along with sponsor Russia.

    1. alwaysniceman 26 Dec 2013, 6:50pm

      Hate is not an answer. Blame the MP, not the whole country and its people, you twat.

  17. soapbubblequeen 28 Dec 2013, 8:42pm

    Piece of poo. Hope he dies.

  18. Poland (or at least that part of Poland that is LGBT or has ovaries) apologises for MP Stanislaw Pieta

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