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California: Gay man suffers broken eye socket in homophobic attack

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder if people who viciously attack another human being like this haven’t forfeit their right to live…? Personally I think they have.

  2. A vivid reminder that for all the efforts to equalise the law,some hetrosexuals will still hate a fellow human just for being different. It’s just someone’s sexuality. Makes you question the background and education of some of our fellow hetrosexuals and the reason that basic education in all levels of school are so important if we want to change the attitude of future generations. Many political and religious faiths should hang their heads in shame if they have ever supported an anti gay agenda. Lets hope the law can catch and punish them for this unprevoked and evil crime.

    1. All the education in the world has not the power to change the heart.

    2. On the other hand a youthful and uncorrupted heart can benefit from education.

  3. I marvel that I often need to go to England to find out what’s happening here in California.

    1. JimInSanDiego 25 Dec 2013, 5:38pm

      I’m a San Diego resident. It should be noted that only 1 of 8 TV stations covered or posted this story online and none of the 3 “news”papers ran an article. The media here is dominated and owned by right wing “christians” for the most part..

  4. You guys need to learn to use the term “allegedly” when reporting stories like this. He WAS attacked, but only allegedly because he was gay (since it’s only his claim for the motive).

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