The family of a Brighton gay man who was killed by his lover have urged victims of domestic violence not to stay silent.

Ricardo Pisano, 36, killed 62-year-old Michael Polding in Brighton.

The body of Mr Polding was found by police in his flat on St George’s Road, Brighton, on 16 July 2012, nearly two months after his death.

Pisano was convicted of manslaughter and causing actual bodily harm but cleared of murder last Monday.

He was jailed for 18 and-a-half years.

Mr Polding’s sister, Mary McKeown, and her husband Sam have now spoken publicly to encourage others who are in abusive relationships to talk to someone about it.

Mr McKeown said: “Michael was a great one for thinking that everything would be alright eventually and maybe he didn’t share his problems enough.

“It’s important that anybody who is being abused seek help where you can. Don’t be ashamed. Tell your family, they will understand.”

Mrs McKeown said: “If you’ve got the slightest inkling that someone you know, whether they be a brother, sister, whether they are gay or straight, I don’t care – if you’ve got any feeling that they could be in an abusive relationship, and by that I mean emotionally, physically or financially, do something about it.

“I wouldn’t like another family to go through what we’ve been through.

“By doing this and saving even one person irrespective of their age, sex or sexuality or gives one person the strength to walk away it will be worth it.”

Broken Rainbow UK, the LGBT domestic violence charity, is reminding the LGBT community that its services are available over the festive period.

Its confidential helpline can be reached on 0300 999 5428. You can also visit for more information or email