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US: Utah lawyers place same-sex marriage ban back in court

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Reader comments

  1. Funny how the US constitution is ignored when its inconvenient. Isn’t the point of the constitution that its fixed?

    1. Jane McQueen 23 Dec 2013, 1:52pm

      You have to remember, the constitution only applies to white, heterosexual christians in their eyes

    2. Midnighter 23 Dec 2013, 1:57pm

      Yep, I’m pretty sure the intent was so that those claiming a mandate from the people – as here – cannot oppress Tom just because Dick and Harry are hateful jerks.

  2. The Governor of Utah is ‘defending traditional marriage,’ maybe he should sit on the steps of the Court until the ‘angel Moron i’ shows up with a flaming sword to help him? Meanwhile in the reality the rest of us live in we are looking forward to law, justice and reason giving the cultists a well deserved and long overdue waking up to what the word equality means.

    1. Frank Boulton 3 Jan 2014, 10:01am

      One would think that with so many Mormon men marrying more than their fair share of women, gay and straight men alike would be clamouring for same-sex marriage in Utah.

  3. A few interesting facts about Mormonism –
    The Mormon religion is based on all believers becoming “saints”, and they can be gods for eternity if they engage in temple-performed heterosexual marriage and procreate.
    In the afterlife, you are all gods with your own planet and all of your ancestors, as well as all of your descendants. Major changes can only take place if the “prophet” — the current one was born in 1924 – gets a revelation from God. The last major revelation occurred in 1978, when Blacks were officially welcomed into the church, and no longer stigmatized as descendants of Ham. Like most followers of religious cults, Mormons don’t like it when they’re ordered by civil governments to comply with Federal law.

  4. “Because the motion before us does not meet the requirements of the Federal or local appellate rules governing a request for a stay, we deny the motion.”
    So the governor of Utah has lost big time.

    1. Looks like the angel Moron i likes the idea of equality.

  5. Galadriel1010 23 Dec 2013, 5:38pm

    Did Proposition 8 only get to the 9th circuit? Even if it didn’t go to the Supreme Court, what can they hope to gain from making an identical case to the one a different state lost earlier in the year? There’s clear and recent precedent, so I don’t see how they could win. Surely the only outcome is to uphold that marriage equality cannot be put to the vote and that any bans currently in place are unconstitutional, therefore accelerating the march of equality.

    1. bobbleobble 23 Dec 2013, 9:34pm

      SCOTUS actually vacated the decision of the 9th Circuit because they held that the appellant in the case did not have standing so the decision of the 9th was nullified. Thus the only decision we have at the moment in relation to Prop 8 is the original one given by Justice Walker which doesn’t create a precedent. However, after the striking down of part of DoMA it’s a very different playing field.

  6. bobbleobble 23 Dec 2013, 9:31pm

    Justice Shelby declined to impose a stay so equal marriage continues in Utah for the moment. It’ll be interesting to see how the 10th circuit deals with the issue. They may well issue a stay now that Shelby has ruled and I suspect they will although I hope that they don’t.

    One of the arguments put forward in favour of a stay by the state was that gay couples will suffer hardships should marriages carried out in the next few days be overturned further down the line. The simple answer to that is not to appeal the decision and to recognise that gay couples are already going through hardships because their relationships are not recognised. Time to wise up government of Utah.

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