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US: Alabama residents ‘outraged and appalled’ by Christmas drag queen troupe

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Reader comments

  1. RoughRugger 23 Dec 2013, 5:18pm

    “She was like I didn’t know they had any groups like that in Mobile.”

    …so, one wonders 1) what kind of group she thought the “Prancing Elites” was and 2) how she found them without also learning what exactly they were.

  2. Tim Hanafin 23 Dec 2013, 5:37pm

    They sound fabulous!

  3. Seymour Butts 23 Dec 2013, 5:57pm

    Resident’s of Alabama need to move to Russia so they can be nuked along with the rest of the bigots.

  4. Love it -the locals are probably just jeaslous being the queens look better than them :)

  5. violest 49 24 Dec 2013, 1:08am

    Sould that not be ‘Small Brained’ Alabama residents? Sweet home Alabama indeed!

  6. Floridahank 24 Dec 2013, 1:49am

    People don’t need weirdo’s messing with a decent Christmas type presentation — get your own parades!

    1. How about getting a life, pathetic God-botherer?

  7. Oh dear, the precious redneck children will be corrupted. Their lives forever destroyed just because they caught a glimpse of some talented fairies in a Christmas parade. Grow up, people.

  8. I’m sure there are many good caring people in Alabama, even the few gays who chose to live there.
    But often I think President Lincoln was wrong…….let them break away!!

  9. Nice to see people judging all Alabamans by a few small-minded people. I mean, that’s not exactly the same as what they do about gay people is it?

    The story quotes one person. I wonder how “outraged” people really were.

  10. The problem for me with this is that even though we’re supposed to be 10 percent or so of guys, as a group we’re still subject to the norm… which means that 50 percent of us are 100 IQ or lower. It’s those a little bit un-thinking folks getting all the attention in the big world of banality… and gays like Allen Turing just gets a “who’s he?” T-shirt. I presume the people doing this trip and organizing this parade are pretty smart, and smart enough to know exactly that Mobile is still not New Orleans. This kind of thing embarrasses me. I’m pretty sick of my trip being defined for the pubic by rainbow airheads.

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