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UK Prime Minister will not attend Sochi Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. What’s this? The Prime minister showing signs of having a backbone?

    1. Where? “whilst insisting the move is not a boycott over Russia’s stance on LGBT rights.”

      Doesn’t sound like backbone to me?

  2. WEAK

  3. A little disappointing. If he was going to stay away, he should have linked it with Russian LGBT oppression, as the German president and French PM have done. If he doesn’t believe in boycotts, fair enough — he should have gone and make some gesture of solidarity with Russian gays and lesbians, however small, as I’m sure some athletes, visitors, and even politicians will do. Nevertheless, it looks increasingly as though Putin is going to be standing next to fellow Slav autocrats Lukashenka and Yanukovych and the thugs from Central Asia.

  4. I called it! After Obama said he wasn’t going I knew David wasn’t going to go either. I cannot stand this pathetic excuse for a man.

  5. David Cameron is in a bind. The majority of his Tory parliamentary colleagues are homophobic bigots who believe that gay people are 2nd class citizens.

    He wants to keep his bigoted party united so he’s not going to bother himself with trifles like LGBT human rights.

    He disgusts me.

  6. Christopher 23 Dec 2013, 1:03pm

    This guy can’t do anything right for some of you people, he’s always going to be attacked.

    1. nixi otemba 23 Dec 2013, 5:28pm

      maybe because he isnt doing this right?

  7. I appreciate not going – but if you’re going to outright say “no it’s not a boycott” then that takes any weight out of it. By saying it’s not because of the boycott then him not attending becomes pretty meaningless

  8. Perhaps Cameron saying that he is not boycotting Sochi is intended to be understood in much the same way as Putin saying his anti-gay laws are not an attack of the human rights and dignity of gay people in Russia.

    1. You might be onto something there! Politics-speak. Kind of like when a Prime Minister announces that a colleague involved in a scandal has their ‘complete confidence and support’, said colleague is usually kicked out or forced to resign before the end of the day!

  9. not going to Russia will give him more time to focus on abusive commonwealth laws – yeah right, ummm!

  10. So, unfortunately, Call-Me-Dave’s non-attendance is not going to be taken as any kind of slight by the Russian administration. It could have had power though if Cameron had had the gumption to state that the reason why he was staying away was in protest at the appalling treatment of the 10 million of so homosexual citizens of Russia.

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