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US: Suspension of anti-gay reality star Phil Robertson rumoured to end in January

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Reader comments

  1. James Orpin 22 Dec 2013, 11:50am

    “There’s no negotiation to have; we’re doing the show.”

    Translation: the show makes a lot of money so we’re not cancelling it.

    “Time heals a lot of wounds.”

    Translation: hopefully people will have forgotten about this by the new year.

  2. No matter how much time passes I won’t forget that he is homophobic scum

  3. A&E can say that this family doesn’t represent the views of their network, but as long as they support them and spread those views they are agreeing to participate in hate speech and ignorance.

    There is no way they can distance themselves from this while supporting the show, in the same way that Fox News cannot distance itself from being a bigoted Republican network of religious nonsense and bullsh*t. The two have become synonymous, and the same will happen here.

    If A&E really want to move forward, they would end the show, and pay more attention to the beliefs their characters represent in the future.

    I have a feeling the viewers will make this decision for them, and when it comes back it will be abandoned within a month as figures plummet and advertisers abandon the network.

  4. Personally, I don’t care. Even though I am Gay, I have no dog in this fight; I’m definitely not a millionaire, especially one created by media exploitation. I leave such inane babbling to tabloids and their tv cousins, like TMZ here in the US.

    More importantly, I love Pink News’ 6 hour lead to anything in the US. But, even more telling, is how no media sources, straight or Gay, aren’t smart enough to follow the UK’s lead. All of my news about US Gay events starts here, 3900mi (6400km) away. Most of my other news comes from the BBC news website.

    To my British cousins, you have no idea how incredibly isolating the US media/propaganda bubble has become. Russia’s Pravda would be proud.
    Pink News staff, stay strong.

  5. “Time heals a lot of wounds” LOL. That usually refers to years, not 3 weeks! Sounds like he’s got away with it, then. Hopefully pressure will continue to keep A&E hot under the collar. Will they be able to keep their advertisers for this show?

  6. Actually it has been reported elsewhere that the episodes airing in January are ones already in the can and ready to broadcast having been made pre-suspension. His on-screen suspension will kick in later.

  7. How pathetic our country is when over 9 million people watch trash like this, and want it back.

  8. Welcome to the new way homophobia is used to promote TV shows.

  9. What amoeba watch this cru?. I inadvertently caught a glimpse of it , how more dumbed down can our tv get?, it makes big brother look like mastermind.

  10. soapbubblequeen 22 Dec 2013, 7:13pm

    Bearded old poo. Hope he dies.

  11. I knew this would happen. I would encourage PN readers to look this hateful man up on YouTube. His anti-gay rhetoric isn’t limited to what he said in that interview. He’s made much worse comments about gay people in sermons, one in particular back in 2010.
    This one
    I find it sick, and I’m disappointed that A&E would want anything to do with this foul creature. But I knew all along they’d cave into pressure and have him back.

  12. Doesn’t surprise me. I’m starting to believe the whole thing was a publicity stunt. And in case you didn’t realize it the whole show is a fraud.

    1. Thanks for link, that was great.

  13. He’s so like the homophobic adulteress Iris Robinson, he has probably been sleeping with the local butchers wife and daughter and so has been creating a smokescreen of “moral” indignation to hide behind and divert people’s attention. Watch this space.

    1. “In the 1970s, his marriage became strained. Robertson, now running a bar, was falling prey to alcohol, and at times would kick his wife and children out of the house. He began to commit many crimes, and would hide out in the woods for weeks at a time to avoid the authorities.”

      The only thing that kept (Phil’s doormat) Kay in the marriage was the bumper sticker slogan, “One man, one wife, for one life”.

  14. For another take on it, here is the view of the atheist, feminist, lesbian academic Camille Paglia:

    And she’s quite right too.

    1. bobbleobble 23 Dec 2013, 10:36am

      Actually she’s just another idiot who believes that free speech means speech without a right of reply. If I find something offensive I have as much right to say so as the person who made the offensive comment in the first place.

      Freedom of speech does NOT mean speech without consequences. It only protects you from government interference, private organisations are entitled to do what they like.

  15. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: ‘Love vag!na with all your heart’ and ‘Love your neighbors vag!na as yourself.’ Phil would never incite or encourage hate.”

  16. Here in the US, most straight people are clueless. The homosexuality in “Duck Dynasty” is obvious to any Gays forced to watch it with their relatives. C’mon, who doesn’t giggle when a bunch of men stroke their big guns, compare their duck stories, tell their wives they’ll be in the woods all day with the other guys, perhaps bringing along a few boys?

    1. [Based on Blue Collar Comedy Tour “Big Deck”, Part 1 of 3]

      That’s a nice duck you got there, Chad.
      It’s nice, but not as big as Buck’s duck though. Buck’s got a huge duck, I’ve seen it.
      C’mon, let’s not make it a contest to see who’s got the biggest duck.
      Well, I’m tellin’ ya, I haven’t got any complaints about the size of my duck.
      Hey Vince, you gotta duck, don’t ya?
      Uh, ya, I gotta real tiny duck. My duck is so small, I’m afraid to show it to people.
      If you got money, you don’t need a big duck. Am I right?

      1. [Part2 of 3]

        Man, what I wouldn’t give to have a huge duck like yours. After the party last weekend, my wife couldn’t stop talkin’ about yours.
        Well, she was holdin’ it all night.
        You must have had 40 people lookin’ at your duck.
        Personally, I don’t like people lookin’ at my duck. You don’t know where they’ve been.
        If you’re not happy with the size of your duck, there’s something you can do about it.
        I dunno. I may be old fashioned. I just don’t like other guys touchin’ my duck.
        Well, I love it. In fact, the more guys that touch it, the happier I am. What’s the point in havin’ it if you don’t use it? That’s why I vote Republican.

        1. [Part 3 of 3]

          Since we’re talkin’ duck stories, I heard a noise in the mornin’ and saw a raccoon gnawin’ on my duck.
          Awww! I hate animals on my duck, except for dogs.
          There’s somethin’ nice about a dog with your duck.
          Plus, if you spill somethin’ on your duck, your dog will lick it clean.
          My those stars look nice.
          That’s not a star, that’s Uranus.
          Aw, c’mon, you can’t see Uranus from here.
          I’ve seen Uranus a hundred times, and that’s Uranus.
          Nothin’ better than strokin’ your big duck, lookin’ at Uranus.

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