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US: Pastor defrocked for officiating at gay son’s wedding offered new minister job

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Dec 2013, 1:11pm

    He should join the Episcopalians, he’ll get paid more and where individual clergy are allowed to marry gay couples unlike their counterparts in the C of E.

  2. Christopher in Canada 22 Dec 2013, 1:16pm

    Hmmm – less money, but you live and work in the most liberal, happy parts of the US and the South Pacific…

  3. You say “under a different denomination” but then say “California _Methodist_ bishop”.

  4. Here’s what I don’t get about this story. Is it just for information or are we supposed to feel some sympathy for a man who knows that there are plenty of inclusive Christian church organisations out there but continued to work for a homophobic one until that homophobia affected his family directly?

    1. Bit harsh.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Dec 2013, 2:18pm

      I get where you’re coming from but you have to give the man credit for defying his church’s ethos. It took courage knowing he would be booted out simply because he loves his son, a classic example of what a Christian should be doing but few seldom do or are.

  5. I would hesitate to remain in that denomination based on their views that homosexuality is incompatible with Christianity. Certainly he can find a denomination that will accept him as a fully ordained minister with a more inclusive theology. Check our United Church of Christ.

  6. Beelzeebub 22 Dec 2013, 5:56pm

    All religion is nothing more than a failure in intelligence and a failure to analyse the bullsh!t being peddled to you.

  7. He shouldn’t waste his time with the Episcopal Church which is still struggling through issues of homosexuality and gay relationship recognition and acceptance. He should consider moving to the United Church of Christ that is decades ahead of all other mainline Christian denominations in America. The UCC dealt with ordination in the 70’s and declared full support for civil AND RELIGIOUS Marriage Equality nationwide in 2005.

  8. So sad that he will continue to peddle his moronic religious nonsense.

    Any educated person who believes in ‘god’ is being wilfully stupid.

    Most LGBT people are too bright to believe in this religion crap

  9. Celebrate atheism.

    You can leave a happy, fulfilling rewarding life without this ‘god’ freak

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