James Arthur offends pretty much everyone with homophobic lyrics in a rap diss


X Factor winner Arthur late in November left Twitter following criticism for using homophobic language against another artist in a “rap feud”. He handed over control of his Twitter account to managers.

In Arthur’s rap at Micky Worthless, he said: “You f***ing queer. Hilarious, precarious you Talibani confused, imbellic mimic of a gimmick.” He was criticised by comedians Matt Lucas and Frankie Boyle, fellow X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan for the lyrics.

Previously it emerged that a petition to have Arthur removed from a performance on the X Factor this Sunday, which has now gathered over 11,000 signatures.

Nicole Scherzinger and Olly Murs defended the singer, but iTunes saw the lyrics as a valid reason to refund a customer who was offended by the lyrics.

Arthur later said he felt “deep shame” for the lyrics in an apology which some said was too defensive. Oops.

An 8-year-old wrote to the Welsh Secretary to say she has been brought up ‘perfectly well’ by lesbians


Elizabeth was responding to a Valentines day interview during which Welsh Secretary David Jones spoke about why he voted against equal marriage.

She wrote:

Dear Mr Jones,

I am writing to inform you that I don’t agree that children shouldn’t be brought up by lesbian or gay people. My name is Elizabeth and I am a child with lesbian parents. I have got a little sister called Pippa for short and I have got two mums, one is called Kate and the other is called Alison. I have been brought up perfectly well so I don’t see any point in you saying that. Me and some of my other friends agree that you can be brought up by anyone who will love you and care for you and make sure your [sic] happy. Please write back!


Elizabeth for PM!

Straight Pride UK claimed ‘it’s not easy to be straight’ because straight people are ‘persecuted’


The group named Straight Pride UK, which claims to aim for “full straight equality” (between the lines – anti-gay) has taken to twitter to claim that straight people are “persecuted every day”, and that it is “not easy to be straight”.

The group’s website and Twitter account were closed down after the company which owns blogging platform WordPress.org filed a lawsuit against Straight Pride UK, alleging that the group abused copyright laws. What a shame.

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