Tom Daley comes out


In a five-minute YouTube video, the British diving bronze medallist, and star of ITV’s Splash, revealed that he had been in a relationship with a man since Spring 2013.

Notably, he specifically chose not to use a label to describe his sexuality, but said it was “love at first sight”, when he met his boyfriend.

Daley has been hailed by many including Lady Gaga and Clare Balding (among many others), and has been accepted by his grandparents for the announcement. He was also immortalised in Russian doll form, alongside Sir Elton John, Graham Norton, George Michael and Stephen Fry, in a charity auction.

Paris Lees makes history as BBC Question Time’s first out trans panellist and tops the Pink List


History was made on BBC One tonight when Paris Lees became the first out transgender panellist to appear on Question Time.

She was on the panel alongside Labour MP Chris Bryant, Conservative MP Matthew Hancock, Liberal Democrat MP Jeremy Browne and the author Harriet Sergeant, and received praise from across the political divide after becoming the first out transgender panellist to appear on Question Time.

In October, Paris Lees topped this year’s Independent on Sunday Pink List.

Jeremy Irons suggests same-sex marriage could lead to fathers marrying their sons for tax purposes


Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons said equal marriage could lead to fathers marrying their sons.

Although the 64-year-old stressed he “doesn’t have a strong feeling either way” on the issue of marriage equality, the actor suggested that equal marriage legislation in the UK could be manipulated to allow fathers to pass on their estates to their sons without being taxed.

He later responded to the outrage over his claims, but maintained that his concerns were “valid”, adding that he is not anti-gay. Hm… okay then.

Tesco sells (and then apologises for) inflatable ‘Gay Best Friend’ doll


A day after Tesco was forced to withdraw two Halloween outfits after they were criticised for stigmatising people with mental health issues – PinkNews learned the retail giant was selling an inflatable “Gay Best Friend” doll.

The retail giant later apologised for the oversight.

Following the lead of Toys ‘R’ Us, TK Maxx, Debenhams and Boots, M&S just last week announced that as of 2014, it will make all of its toys gender neutral. Perhaps lessons have been learnt in 2013 by the retail sector after all.

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