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The US urges Uganda to ‘stop enactment’ of anti-gay law

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  1. Idea. Put the NSA hacking to good use, and “find” enough evidence for the people who originally proposed this legislation to be in line to receive the maximum and harshest penalty permitted by it.

    1. International Transformation Network
      An international movement which claims homosexuals are possessed by demons and purports to cure HIV and AIDS through faith healing and prayer has gained access to Uganda’s top leaders and is engineering theocratic transformation of the nation.

      Key figures behind the “kill the gays bill” are closely tied to this movement. For their names and an account of how the situation has been carefully orchestrated by ITN ministries over the last two decades see my post further down the comments board with links to a 20 minute documentary video “Transforming Uganda” plus an in-depth related article.

  2. Cut the Aid and any handouts !! Immediatelythat includes to India too!!

  3. The guy who proposed this appaling legislation can apparently be contacted at

  4. One of the ironies of the Uganda situation is any pressure in favour of LGBT rights is construed as “western colonial interference”, but they operate a double standard when it comes to homophobic western evangelical interference which they seemingly can’t get enough of, all the while taking credit for it.

    Hope the gay rights groups in Uganda sue Scott Lively’s ass off. It’s high time someone made him pay for his slander.

  5. It would be great if some Australian journalist looked into the involvement of Anglican diocese of Sydney in this matter. The previous archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen had a number of visits to Uganda and elsewhere in Africa couple of years ago stirring up anti-gay hatred. It is about time they were exposed for this and made to comment, since much of the push for legislation has come from so-called `evangelical christians’ with whom he had close ties.

  6. Why does the USA keep telling other countries what to do when their own human rights laws are apaulling.

    Only 17 states allow SSM & there are way too many states where there is no protection for LGBT people in the work place. The US still executes people and much more. The US should not criticise any other sovereign state when it comes to the rights of others until it gets itself in order. The rishest nation but yet in too many ways poorer and interior. To be LGBT or any other minority in the USA must be nothing short of a nightmare. Obama you talk the talk but where’s the action?

    1. At least being LGBT in the USA isn’t a criminal offence

  7. Stop ALL foreign aid to this country, this will get their
    attention quicker than anything else.
    They want to play this game,no money !!

  8. Ed Silvoso’s Harvest Transformation Ministries has been at the forefront of the Kill the Gays Bill. this video documentary explains how the Ugandan situation came about.
    Video: Transforming Uganda

    1. Video: Transforming Uganda
      (Low resolution version)

  9. “It’s taken me 9,000 miles… to understand what is happening in Uganda”
    Bruce Wilson …(excellent article)

  10. Too little, too late.
    The US needs to clamp down on their radical Christian bigots flying into other countries to terrorize their citizens with hate speech, if radical groups of Islamist preachers were doing that in the USA they would all be expelled before they got a second sentence from their lips. But it’s okay for Christian extremists to preach bigotry and hatred in other countries?

    Notice that neither the US nor the UK has made any statement about what they plan to do if this is not stopped? These are all bullsh*t statements made under pressure and doesn’t reflect any serious interest from either government. Basically, they’re just making noise to look like they care.

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