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US: Reality TV family say they won’t go on without patriarch suspended for homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Cameron 20 Dec 2013, 7:13pm

    Who cares? This is a non-story about yet another family of religious nut-jobs metaphorically throwing their toys out of the pram, using their crank views to justify being hateful to others.

    1. Also known as ‘Just another day,’ here in the states!

  2. So, why would a gay man prefer a woman’s vag!na over a man’s pen!s?
    Why would a gay man prefer a woman’s anu$ over a man’s anu$?
    It might surprise Phil Robertson but for most of the rest of us It’s not just about disconnected genitals and body parts, people generally have relationships with whole persons and gay men naturally have relationships with other men.

  3. Lion in Winter 20 Dec 2013, 8:44pm

    Maybe it’s time A&E rediscovered what “A” and “E” stand for, and dump the “G” (garbage).

  4. Colin (Queenstown/London) 20 Dec 2013, 9:07pm

    Simple. ‘Can’ the show and all the bigots and clean out the infestation.

  5. floridahank 20 Dec 2013, 9:31pm

    Good to read that there’s freedom of expression in the USA — you can promote homosexuality and heterosexuality — still on of our freedoms and I’m open to hear
    anybody say what they want. Censorship of any kind is evil.

    1. Basic misunderstanding of the concept of free speech.

      He still enjoys freedom of speech. He can voice whatever homophobic or racist sentiment he chooses and he will not be imprisoned, fined or executed.

      What he isn’t automatically entitled to is someone else’s TV network as a platform to espouse his views, as that falls under company rules and regs, same as if he worked in an office.

      A&E networks evidently have a policy on homophobic and racist bigotry. If he doesn’t like that perhaps he could land a job as a Fox News pundit?

    2. Freedom of speech is a two-edged sword when you are dumb as a stump.

      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
      Abraham Lincoln

    3. But you now claim that A&E have no right to protect their business and should allow him to tarnish their public perception?

      He can express his view, no one has stopped him from doing that. This is where your typically Republican right-wing religious argument falls apart. No one is being prevented from expressing an opinion here. He’s already expressed his opinion, and now he and his family are upset that the majority of right-thinking people disagree with that opinion.

      If he were preaching about racial equality, claiming that people have the right to own slaves (also STATED in the Bible) would you still be claiming it’s his right to an opinion and he should be able to continue to tarnish the A&E network? I very much doubt that.

      American bigots need to grow up. This is not about limiting freedom of opinion, he’s not being prevented from expressing his opinion. His opinion is being REJECTED. That’s what the religious nutters of the USA are crying about.

      Good riddance to the bigots.

    4. This has nothing to do with free speech rights. Those rights exist to protect citizens from the gov’t. Not employees employed by a private corporation.
      Come back and moan and his rights been violated if/when he’s arrested and charged by the state.

  6. It’s reality tv, some people are in reality homophobic tw@ts, put him on and let people think what they will.

  7. Oh, well – having fewer rednecks on TV isn’t such a bad idea.

  8. This story has been eclipsed by the news out of Utah legalizing same-sex marriage and declaring unconstitutional its law against SSM:

  9. I don’t know the man or his show beyond what was said in this article. But as a gay guy im not offended if he doesn’t like anus or finds it illogical. Thats perfectly fine, it is illogical for him as he doesn’t have the sexual feelings for men being straight and wouldn’t need to consider the anus as a sexual area. I remember a time being told as a boy how men have sex and finding the idea repulsive . I also had the dame reaction when i was told about women too. I simply didn’t have the sexual urges.

    As far as his religious quotes go well it looks like ‘from the article’ that he wrestles a bit but ultimately leaves the judging to god to decide’ which coming from a religious background i can tell you that’s actually quite liberal for some. Sure it’s not
    Perfect and open and loving but on the scale of awfulness it’s the more liberal end. Religion is a brainwash job and it’s hard to wash out dogma. I think it’s a little harsh to ban him from the show when he could of been told off.

  10. postopgirl 21 Dec 2013, 1:16pm

    I don’t watch tripe like this anyway, but we are forced it seems to watch the promo clips on ITV 4, why doesn’t ITV refuse to show such drivel making millionaires out of people who take it as an opportunity to make hate speech is a disgrace, if ITV continues to broadcast these people, it is no better than the BBC for its homophobia and transphobia

  11. Great!

  12. That There Other David 21 Dec 2013, 5:35pm

    The funniest thing about this is the way the Fundies and Palinites are twisting their knickers and foaming at the mouth. Phil Robertson has the right to say what he likes, but A&E also have the right to choose who they associate their brand with. Freedom applies both ways here, that’s supposedly the American Way, yet all we hear from the Right is “waaahhhhh waaaaahhh”. Hilarious.

  13. Adele Magee 21 Dec 2013, 6:54pm

    What is the thing in his mouth and what is he doing with it?

    I agree with comments about removing his programme from UK tv schedules.

    As for his opinion, even if i was straight I wouldn’t let him anywhere near me! Uggh.

    1. I was going to ask same, is it a carrot he’s sucking on?

  14. good…this moron doesn’t NEED to feed his stupidity to the masses…while his inbred family makes millions on their asses! the shock value they bring is nothing but bore’n!

  15. This is going to sound really immature and is in jest. He looks like the product of human/animal bestiality

  16. Christopher Coleman 22 Dec 2013, 5:42pm

    Never understood the interest in so-called reality TV and especially looking at the boring lives of nondescript people. Why should anyone care? If I want to be bored by TV, there are many better ways of doing it, such as viewing the umpteenth repeat of a not very good History Channel documentary or Kitchen Nightmares

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