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US: Louisiana Governor defends reality TV personality who compared homosexuality to bestiality

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Reader comments

  1. Would Jindal have been so quick to defend him if the views he expressed had been racist?! Probably not.

    1. His views were also racist. He said that black people were happier before their civil rights movement. This governor is obviously as stupid as the duck man himself. I pity anyone with more than 3 brain cells who lives in Louisiana.

  2. Since the American constitution’s First Patch Job, sorry, ‘amendment’ as they call it, means the same network could call the Governor a w*g, one wonders why he doesn’t defend their right to do so?

    1. Frank Boulton 22 Dec 2013, 12:26pm

      That’s because what Jindal is trying to say amounts to this: “Freedom of speech gives everyone the right to express an opinion… So long as it’s the same opinion as mine.”

  3. This is the same Louisiana Governor who has appointed Tony Perkins, leader of the of the hate group calling itself the “Family Research Council”, to the state’s Law Enforcement Commission. Someone who has publicly spoken in favor of criminal sanctions against gay people being given a commanding say in the police’s enforcement priorities, in a state where the police still try to detain gay people under the laws that were struck down by Lawrence v. Texas in 2003.

  4. To compare equivalent body parts he should either have questioned why gay men would prefer “a man’s pen!s” over a woman’s vag!na, or why gay men would prefer “a man’s anu$” over a woman’s anu$.
    Don’t you agree?

    (I had to adapt certain words as PN won’t allow the correct spelling.)

  5. bobbleobble 20 Dec 2013, 2:24pm

    Another idiot who thinks that free speech means speech without comment or criticism, why isn’t he defending the right of free speech of the people criticising this guy or doesn’t their free speech count because you disagree with it’s content governor?

    Also an idiot who doesn’t realise that the first amendment only protects citizens from government interference in free speech. The network is under no requirement to allow anyone to say whatever they like.

  6. Midnighter 20 Dec 2013, 2:55pm

    the “politically correct crowd”
    Doublethink for “all those people who dare object to my bigoted views.”

    In fact, I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment.
    Doublethink for “I wish TV networks worked harder to showcase those sharing my bigoted views, and I feel threatened by this indication that large numbers of people think I am an arseh0le” *

    If I thought he was capable of any degree of honesty, I’d surprised that a politician is apparently ignorant of the fact that the First Amendment protection only applies to private citizens with regards to governmental agencies. Unless the TV network is owned by the government, they are perfectly entitled to have their own corporate standards.

    1. Indeed, the irony here is that Republicans scream about private companies being allowed the freedom to make their own choices, unless it’s a choice they don’t agree with.

      Someone should sit this man down and ask him if he thinks a company should be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people, and then ask him if he still thinks A&E should meet HIS personal demands.

      The guy is a hypocrite, just like every single other Republican I have ever seen expressing nonsense. They are all so confused and contradictory it’s incredible they can muster adequate mental capability to tie their own shoelaces.

  7. While I find the hillbillys comments offensive, he DOES have a right to say them. People like me have the right to be insulted if those comments are wrong.

    That being said, the TV network is a BUSINESS and has the right to get rid of him if his comments cause issues for their profits or image…

    The guy is a tube as we say in my part of the world… and why is he even being given the time of day, best way of defeating this mentality is by ignoring it, not giving the people attention…

    And as for the politicians stirring it up… who cares…

  8. No surprise Bobby Jindal is a Republican, is it?

    I wonder, would he agree that the Klu Klux Klan are just exercising their right to “free speech” too? After all, they’re just expressing an opinion of disgusting racism, and everyone has the right to be a bigot and attack other people in America, right?

    People do have the right to express an opinion, and journalists and media have done their job here. They printed it!

    The decision to suspend him was made by A&E, and it was a decision based on their own business needs. As a Republican, he should support a businesses right to make decisions for their own benefit and needs, shouldn’t he? Or does he go against the Republican mandate of removing state interference from business?

    He’s another Republican hypocrite, attacking public opinion when it goes against his own political motivations. These freaks are the first to dictate to others, while crying when public opinion goes against them.


  9. Garbage man, garbage show, garbage governor.

  10. What the ignoramus is trying to say, if he could get past disconnected genitalia and body parts and deliberately trying to be offensive is…
    Q: Why do gay men prefer men to women?
    A: Doh! because they’re gay obviously

    1. which makes you sick!!!

  11. Christopher in Canada 20 Dec 2013, 6:01pm

    Rushing to defend someone who regards him as subhuman due to the colour of his skin. Baffling.

  12. The new excuse to be a homophobic bigot – “freedom of speech”.

    Fair enough, he can express his bigotry, and everyone can express what a stupid imbecile he is, and the TV station are free to cancel the show if they wish. That way everyone is free.

    Why don’t A&E do a reality show for a KKK clan? Maybe a neo-nazi family?

    1. he has the no. 1 show on tv and they will not cancel it, hopefully they go to Discovery….and you fags don’t watch

      1. Frank Boulton 22 Dec 2013, 12:42pm

        Number 1 show for what? For imbeciles?

  13. Janet Lameck 20 Dec 2013, 8:19pm

    He probably knows ALL about bestiality, he does it enough with his dogs and raccoons.

  14. you people are disgusting….I now officially will not tolerate gays any more!!!

  15. billy Wingartenson 23 Dec 2013, 8:50am

    a right wing extremist asshole who should be sent to the gulag in Russia

    Read the book “the chriistian right and the war on america” by chris hedges these people are protestant extremists, generally southern baptists / born agains, evangelists.

    We have another term for them WHITE TRASH

    Our repub party has been taken over by extremist racist haters who now hate instead anyone who is different. One of these ypes of people said re the candicy of obabam or Hilary clinton in 2008

    “what qare my choices – a woman or a nigger>

    BTW fundamentally this is the culutre that justified slavery as per the bible, made America the second to last nation in the western world to end slavery, the only one to need a war to do so, and then we had segregation for another hundred years

  16. The redneck duck caller probably doesn’t think much of the “Indian-American” governor of Louisiana either.

  17. I find his beehives of a beard offensive. Rats probably crawl out of it regularly.

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