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Ugandan Parliament passes bill that could mean gays face life in prison

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Reader comments

  1. A very bleak day for our LGBT brothers and sisters in Uganda. Let’s hope international pressure can be brought to bear in getting it turned over.

  2. Backward Neanderthals!

    Another great example of superstitious hatred – organised religion brainwashing an entire country! Despicable!

  3. Offer visas for all gay Ugandans and cut off all help and trade
    To the rest of the stupid assholes of Uganda. Done and done

  4. Jock S. Trap 20 Dec 2013, 12:05pm


    British Foreign aid Must only be given if the right human rights are present.

    If not met, our aid must stop.

    We should never fund nasty regimes, esp as the money we give very rarely goes to though in need.

  5. Time for the kind of sanctions and cutting off aid that saw the end of apartheid in SA. Give it to more enlightened African states like Botswana and Malawi instead. This an apartheid act against LGBT citizens of Uganda. What an ugly mess these people have made of their country since independence. US evangelists have also contributed to this human rights disaster.

    1. US evangelists have been THE main stokers of this fire. Pitting citizen against citizen will destroy Uganda. May the blood be upon their heads.

  6. I am absolutely gobsmacked. I really am. I know the Anti LGBT sentiments have been simmering for a while but I really just can’t fathom this. I really feel so sad for LGBT people in Uganda (and other African countries). I can’t imagine having to live in fear. We are so lucky in the UK. We can live openly and marry as of next year. What have Ugandan LGBT got? The possibility of life in prison for loving someone of the same gender essentially. WHY do these people (religious people) focus so much on sex? Why does sex between two consenting people concern them so much? I really do hope that this can eventually be changed. Right now I just feel really sad

  7. This anti-gay law based on ignorance and deliberate misinformation is a tragedy.

  8. Law bought and paid for by American churches.
    They’ll soon be back to add in that death penalty again.

    1. Doesn’t it make you wonder… these are almost the acts of an external terrorist organization, using their religious and political beliefs to attack groups of innocent people in another country.

    2. So sorry, I gave you an accidental thumbs down when I meant to hit the reply button.
      It makes little difference whether the death sentence is included or not, for gay prisoners conditions in prison will be so harsh that most will die earlier than they should, amounts to the same thing.

  9. Someone tell me again why it’s wrong of me to despise religion and all the delusional religious freaks attacking millions of people.

    I’m really done giving any “Christian” the benefit of doubt. There comes a time when you have to just make it simpler and say that any cult member is a threat. If you belong to one of these cults, and identify with them, you may as well be identifying as Taliban, you’ll get no respect from me.

    When I see Christian groups campaigning FOR equality, marching FOR others, acting as their Bible STATES they should act, then my opinions might change. Until then, I see all these “religious” people as the only “evil” in this world, using their belief system as justification for their innate hatred and hunger for control.

    1. The Anglican bishops and the evangelical churches have been colluding in this for a couple decades already, what is now becoming near holocaust conditions for gay people living in Uganda now stripped of their human rights as well as stripped of civil rights and protections.

    2. Frank Boulton 21 Dec 2013, 7:15am

      I wish that I could say otherwise, Bloke Toys, but I think that your absolutely right about this. there’s so much killing and persecution in the name of religion that religionists have effectively moved the onus of proof from us onto themselves. There’s so much hatred coming from them that it’s only a natural reaction for us not to trust any of them. By merely saying nothing about this century’s new Holocaust, they are colluding with it.

      When I meet people collecting money on the streets for their churches, I make a point of telling them exactly why I don’t give. It does no good to whine about these hatemongers on sites like this, if we don’t confront them in public about the harm they do.

  10. Tom Cotner 20 Dec 2013, 3:05pm

    If, after this, anyone who claims religious bigotry to be a good thing, especially when influencing mainly ignorant politicians, should be questioned quite strongly, and afterwards, shunned completely.

  11. Janet Lameck 20 Dec 2013, 8:17pm

    Totally FREEZE all assets they have outside of Uganda and STOP ALL TRADE with them until they get rid of this STUPID law.!

  12. Where are the churches in Uganda?? Are they siting by allowing this to happen? Where are the religious leaders in UK-are they condemning this un Christian law?

  13. With Uganda being a part of the Commonwealth, their President will still get the red carpet treatment at Buckingham Palace and a banquet in his honour, at our expense.

    1. Unfortunately there have been anti-gay set backs all over the Commonwealth recently. India, Australia and now Uganda. Her majesty really needs to speak out against this

  14. Google every company that has any business in Uganda, then email them to tell them your views on doing business with Uganda.

  15. Horrible, horrible horrible!!! And yet more horrible news

  16. Apparently David Bahati,the bills proposer can be contacted at

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