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Nigel Evans: ‘Ugandan MPs who voted for anti-gay bill are a complete disgrace’

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Reader comments

  1. Pink News, when will you stop insulting your readers and stop pretending someone sending you a press release is “news”?

    Is the beleaguered Mr Evans an expert on Uganda?
    Does he have any special insight or affinity – or just an opinion?

    If not then why not publish the thoughts of the other 647 MPs?

    1. Midnighter 20 Dec 2013, 3:05pm

      I agree, in as much as he’s presently not exactly in a position to be casting stones as a moral authority.

      It could even be said that giving his views a profile might actually harm efforts to censure Uganda since supporters of the law can easily say “see, this is the type of person we need to protect our citizenry from” (by alluding to the presently unproven allegations against him, as well as his sexuality).

      But then someone would no doubt cry “conspiracy” or “political bias” if PN didn’t report such releases, so they are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

    2. de Villiers 21 Dec 2013, 10:24am

      MP attacks Uganda for anti-gay law. Gay people complain.

  2. Conditions in Ugandan prisons will be so harsh for gay prisoners that the death penalty might as well have been included, many will die within a few years of being imprisoned anyway.
    We all know this is the result of a couple decades of Christian fundamentalist propaganda and funding, the training up of extremist Christians to infiltrate positions of power in Government and the police forces etc.
    The holocaust-like situation for gays in Uganda is the creation of Christian dominionist’s.
    Religion gone wrong, warped, twisted and wicked.

    1. Midnighter 20 Dec 2013, 3:47pm

      “Religion gone wrong, warped, twisted and wicked.”
      Exactly. But they can’t even see it, apparently.

      7:15-16 (KJV):
      Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
      Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

      Uganda, your actions towards your people are motivated by hatred, not love. Your religious leaders are preaching for you to gather thorns, and thorns are what you will reap.

  3. vversatile 20 Dec 2013, 4:48pm

    Nigel Evans may have seen the light when it comes to gay law reform.
    But he’s hardly in a position to criticise others for voting against gay rights – he spent most of his parliamentary career doing the same.

  4. whitepig45 20 Dec 2013, 5:08pm

    Since when did Nigel Evans become an expert of world culture? We are Ugandans and i do not care whether he is English, Scottish or Welsh.
    He is a disgrace to the world. Let him advice ford manufacturer to start fuel from the exhaust pipe then he will have moral authority to promote his beastly acts.

  5. Being Ugandan and having lived in a liberal gay society like I experienced in London and Birmingham where I lived for over 6 years, I feel so sad about this bill. However, I am not surprised by the decision made by the parliamentarians. They are a reflection of the ignorance of the wider society in Uganda on matters of sex and sex orientation. Unfortunately, they are not ready to listen to reason, later on do their own research on issues of sex and sex orientation. It is not very different from the days when children were punished for being left handed. Simplistic as it may appear and sound, Ugandan are at that level of ignorance when it come to sex and sex orientation. Reason, all those books are “written by people from the West who want to impose their culture”!! How do you change such an ignorant lot?

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