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More than 2,700 write to Director General over BBC ban on World AIDS Day ribbons

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Reader comments

  1. I would prefer bif they simply banned the poppy on the BBC. Why does the poppy and HIV charities expect special treatment.

  2. Am I the only one to think we should demand a public apology from the BBC for having actually reprimanded Norton? I for one felt insulted by their move, and we have all, as a community received a slap in the face by the Bigotry Broadcasting Corporation.

  3. The BBC’s definition of impartial seems strange when it leads to the BBC treating all causes as equal, but World Aids Day ass less equal than Save the Children, Movember, Comic Relief, Children in Need, The Royal British Legion, The Haig Fund…

  4. Am I the only person with HIV who feels just that little bit safer in an HIV-phobic world when seeing someone wearing a red ribbon?

    Last August I was at an orthopaedic clinic, having broke my ankle in a motorbike accident some months previously and as I left I noticed an elderly woman in the waiting area wearing a red ribbon. I made a point of thanking her for her support and her reply was something to the effect that she always wore it in memory of her son who died in the eighties and she wanted the world to know she wasn’t ashamed of him. Sentimental? Yes! Real? Yes!

  5. Obviously UKIP is well represented at the BBC and will likely not listen to any number of letters.

  6. It’s news to me that last Friday was 13th November !

    Oh wait, it’s an article by Scott Roberts…

  7. And how does the BBC justify giving airtime to the National Lottery, which is not a charity?

  8. postopgirl 28 Dec 2013, 9:47pm

    Having seen today on BBC Parliament that MPs in the Commons debating chamber and Lords & Ladies in their debating chamber wearing red ribbons for World AIDS day shown on BBC so why is ok for them to wear it but not for Graham Norton and otyher presenters wanting to show support.

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