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US: Teacher claims he was sacked by lesbian boss for being straight

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Reader comments

  1. How many people have been sacked by bosses in America specifically because they are gay?

  2. Derek Williams 19 Dec 2013, 6:09pm

    To be fair, rare as reverse discrimination is, the rights work both ways.

  3. pretanivirago 19 Dec 2013, 6:24pm

    Congratulations straight guy – you’ve just had the stunning revelation that even gay people can be arseholes. It’s almost like we all live in the same society or something. /sarcasm

    1. Your point? Or are you just acting as another example of an arsehole?

  4. And this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with his sub-letting of his paid-for apartment to a 3rd party? Seriously?

    If the “lesbian boss” were so anti-hetero, then she would have managed to fire every straight teacher at that school.

    Chances are, this straight idiot probably let it be known at some point that he was anti-LGBT and started the whole antagonizing situation.

    The “I’m the victim” approach he is taking in his statement has all the markings of a fraud.

    1. He was fired 18 months ago too – why is he bringing the case now? If he was that aggrieved and sure it was discrimination why not do it right after he got sacked?

  5. The rhetoric in New York papers about this is dreadful – all very red top/Daily Fail. He’s being discussed as a ‘married dad’ while she’s depicted as ‘a homosexual, single female administrator with no children’ or as a ‘lesbian supervisor’ – one easily identifiable, because we’ve all seen them, the other a faceless automaton. I know it’s legalese from the case filed and meant to show him as practically on the verge of beautification against a ‘harridan’, but the bias in the papers is awful. The comments are very Daily Fail too.

    1. Pathetic, isn’t it? There is a lot of money to be made off the uneducated or slower minded. In the case of the tabloids the trick has always been to feed them salacious gossip and pantomime morality. I can’t see that changing until such time as the nation’s educational standards improve, and the population is encouraged to think for itself.

  6. Not impossible but it does whiff of bullcrap.

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