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US: Pastor defrocked for officiating at gay son’s wedding

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Reader comments

  1. Bless them. And I bet they stand at their pulpit on a Sunday preaching love and forgiveness

  2. PantoHorse 19 Dec 2013, 3:46pm

    Sadly the most predictable outcome. I’m glad he stood by his son and said he “will never be silent again” and I hope he accepts one of the job offers he’s alleged to have had and spreads a message of acceptance.

    Hopefully one day these bigots will know the error of their ways.

  3. Reality is often ‘incompatible with Christian teaching’.

  4. Colin (Queenstown/London) 19 Dec 2013, 6:34pm

    I’m not into religion at all but somehow on a human level this is so wrong.
    An act of love, support, community and family all thrown away for a few rules!

    I hope good people pick this man up again and he does not lose faith in people.

    What is more important….religious rules or love, support, community and family in it’s widest sense. I know what I choose.

    Verysad indeed.

  5. He rightfully chose Love over dogmatic Church law. A choice that in a real legitimate church of God should not exist. More should do what he did.

  6. Christians should ask “What would Jesus Do” more frequently: I’m convinced that the Jesus I’ve read about in the Bible (and I say this as an agnostic) would have done exactly the same as this man. He stood by his principles out of love, even in the face of significant personal cost.

    This sort of tale is why I may well loathe their religion on principle but will try to take each believer on their own merit.

  7. Please, after reading this, could we no longer have the “all christians are evil and don’t support LGBT people” accusations?

    Obviously this is patently untrue, as we have here a prime example of a good Christian, willing to sacrifice everything, for his belief in equality.

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