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Russia: Pro-Putin conductor denies further allegations that he supports anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. I love him as a conductor.

    As a person, I suspect he is very much like MOST other great conductors: egocentric.

    I don’t mean this in an insulting way, but rather, most great conductors seem to be out of touch with the reality of people around them, often even those they conduct.

    I studied/apprenticed under a great Russian conductor for 5 years, and while I admired the man musically, his world views were strangely child-like. This is what I’m seeing in Gergiev, an apparent lack of understanding or empathy with the “real world”.

    Conductors are strange people, so deeply involved in the music they are creating, that they seem to forget that there are actual, real people around them.

    The old joke would be far more applicable to orchestral conductors:

    What’s the difference between God and an orchestral conductor?
    God doesn’t think he is a conductor.

  2. Gergiev is like his pal Putin. He doesn’t support discrimination against gays. In fact, just like his Putin-supporting compatriot Lady McNetrebko, he may have some anonymous gay friends – or at least be forced to work with some in the classical music business. But despite the sorry situation of some many artists and patrons being overtly “that way,” Valery and Anna carry on and try to hide their distaste for the sake of their art. No, he doesn’t discriminate against gays; he just wants them all to stay in the closet “to protect the children.” And if Putin’s government has created a homophobic climate of ugly violence against gays, well that’s just a minor side effect of protecting children. The important thing is that Russia is strong and that requires a strong leader – even if hate and oppression are part and parcel of this tyrant’s reign.

    But if any city should welcome Gergiev with open arms, it’s Munich. Maybe he can conduct special beer hall concerts on April 20.

    1. “for the sake of their art”

      You mean for the sake of their wallets …

  3. I think it is outrageous that this disgusting bigot is acclaimed by Westerners even as his buddy Putin proceed with a pogrom against people.

    1. Do you actually know what a pogrom is?
      Is so you might know how offensive that is.

      1. Pogroms is what you regularly deny took place in the 1990s Balkans. In spite of the UN officially recognising it as a genocide.

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