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New Mexico Supreme Court makes same-sex marriage legal

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Reader comments

  1. Congrats, New Mexico!
    Now 16 states (and DC). Amazing considering there were none pre-2004.
    33 states have a ban on EM, I’m not sure how difficult it is to lift the bans, but I hope LGBT groups are working on it.

    1. we just have to be the “little engine that could”……and keep chugging along.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Dec 2013, 8:09pm

      Apparently the 33 mostly have republican governors so it’s going to be harder to get their state bans overturned unless a few evolve. Oregon, Pennsylvania may be the next in 2014.

      1. I think “evolution” is a bit much to hope for with Republicans, but a great many of them are garden-variety political chameleons (eg I read recently about Tom Corbett’s announcement of support for anti-discrimination legislation in his state now he’s up for a tough re-election fight).

        In spite of the GOP’s intransigence I’m sure there will be plenty of them with enough survival instinct to “believe” whatever will get them the most votes (and the fattest wallets).

    3. I think it’s 17 states plus DC.

  2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Dec 2013, 7:30pm

    Congratulations New Mexico . The trend is moving in the human direction. Those other states : Hurry up ! , from Norway.

  3. Merry Christmas. :-)

  4. bobbleobble 19 Dec 2013, 8:02pm

    Some good news for Christmas after the disappointments in India and Australia recently. Here’s hoping 2014 is as successful as 2013!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Dec 2013, 8:12pm

      My bets are on Australia eventually getting there. Forget India. I’m still wondering when Finland and Luxembourg are getting on board. It’s astounding that Germany hasn’t but with Merkel just re-elected, not going to happen so soon. Switzerland is another place I’d have thought would have done something.

      1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Dec 2013, 8:43pm

        I’m also wondering about Finland. It is a bit confusing , since Sweden and Finland (–and Norway ) are very close in so many ways. Most probably good news will appear very soon-

        1. That There Other David 19 Dec 2013, 11:24pm

          I’d also imagine many Finns would want it knowing how much such a move would upset their neighbours and erstwhile occupiers to the east.

      2. Bobbleobble 19 Dec 2013, 9:04pm

        Luxembourg should have been this year but the government collapsed. I think that the new coalition are likely to take this up early next year.

        In Finland a parliamentary committee blocked the law but a campaign group has collected enough signatures to force the whole parliament to consider the law, again early next year. So fingers crossed for both of those.

        I’m not sure what will happen in Germany. The socialists are in the government and the upper house has been trying to get the lower house to legalise SSM for years so things could move there.

      3. The man charged to seek to build a coalition government in Luxembourg is openly gay and has said that it will be legalised next year.

    2. Dear Friends,

      Don’t forget the Faroe Islands. It’s looking good there, too, for 2014! And Scotland, too, right???

      Given the great news about New Mexico, can my state, Colorado, be far behind? Get with it, Colorado!

      Happy Holidays, Tip

  5. @ Mike UK

    It’s better than that because it’s now 17 states + DC. Illinois legislated in favour of Equal Marriage on 20 November, although it doesn’t take effect until 1st June.

    That’s pretty good progress because another significant milestone has been reached: one third of the states have now passed Equal Marriage. As recently as last May it was only one quarter.

    So there’s every chance that a majority of states will have Equal Marriage in 2014 !

  6. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. yipeeeeeeeeeiAyipeeeeeeeeeeeeiO

  8. Let’s hope luxembourg , finland , Vietnam and Ireland evolve this year and legalise human rights for minorities. Shame on primitive india and Russia going even more backward .

  9. GingerlyColors 21 Dec 2013, 11:54am

    Mexico’s Supreme Court is better than India’s Supreme Court!

  10. I dislike homosexuality

    what we have so far learned? going against nature is not any way benificial.

    Well done INDIA and RUSSIA

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