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Lib Dem peer: If BBC’s neutrality allows poppies on-screen it must allow AIDS ribbons too

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  1. Midnighter 19 Dec 2013, 1:45pm

    The AIDs ribbon debacle is just a drop in the ocean of evidence that this institution is clearly NOT behaving in a trustworthy and transparent manner consistent with their status as a publically-owned body.

    Its clear the BBC has lost this particular argument in the public’s eyes, and in doing so has created a far bigger headache for themselves: why is it that the BBC is behaving as though it is not accountable?

    Could it be that their “untouchable” status is related to such things as the £28M spent on staff gagging payouts? They’re not above bribery, clearly.

  2. Absolutely – A TV Host wearing a charitable icon to promote a cause that, lets face it – needs ALL the support it can get with all the government cuts – is a good thing – It brings charity to people who would otherwise be unaware.

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