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Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘Today we have an opportunity to eliminate discrimination of the LGBT community’

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent! If only they paid a living wage to the 3rd world workers. least they’re trying to do right by us 1st worlders! :D

    1. That There Other David 19 Dec 2013, 9:54pm

      Apple doesn’t have any 3rd world workers on low wages as you put it. The criticism of “Apple” on that score has been of the same electronics suppliers that all the major tech companies use, companies such as Foxconn in China. However, because most people haven’t heard of Foxconn here in the West our lazy press use the word “Apple” in their headlines.

      Meanwhile, the majority of Cook’s speech was about ending discrimination against those with disabilities. Well done him on that score.

  2. When Apple stops hiring right-wing managers that fire known Gays within the 30-day training period (they don’t need to give give a reason), or promotes completely incompetent straight “kids” over experienced Apple techs and experienced retail managers, then I might be a bit happier.

    [Happened to a close friend. Apple HR wouldn’t reply to formal letters of complaint which named specific people and instances.]

    Cook is too blinded by his lying bigoted minions to see the truth. Proof that even Gays can be corrupted with enough money to follow the right wing.

  3. Erica Cook 20 Dec 2013, 3:29am

    Does this apply to his factories in China?

    1. That There Other David 20 Dec 2013, 9:35am

      Apple do not have any factories in China.

  4. Liudas Survila 1 Jan 2014, 7:26pm

    Humanity please more such people…

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