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Terrence Higgins Trust: The BBC has lost the argument in banning World AIDS Day ribbons

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Reader comments

  1. The BBc says it does not allow presenters to actively campaign or promote awarness-raising initiatves the why does it allow its presenters to wear the
    Grand Order of Water Rats emblem on lapels or brest pockets. Bruce Forsyth CBE wears his attached to his breat pocket and has done so during every broadcast of Strictly Come Dancing. For those unaware of the Grand Order of Water Rats this is an entainment based charity so why should Graham Norton be singled out an dnot Sir Bruce??? Discrimination or what.

  2. Don Rainbow 18 Dec 2013, 6:21pm

    Why does the BBC allow presenters such as Bruce Forsyth CBE to wear the Order of Water Rats during every broadcast of Strictly Come Dancing, he wears his attathced to his breast pocket. For those unaware this is an entertainment industry charity and brotherhood. Discrimination or what I’ll let you decide.

  3. Donald Hamilton 18 Dec 2013, 6:39pm

    Sorry, but the red ribbon is International as it is used in Canada, the U.S.A. and many other countries. I think it is also accepted by the United Nations! No one owns it as a symbol and thus is not owned by any one charity or organization – just like the yellow ribbons for returning soldiers!!!!

  4. Erica Cook 19 Dec 2013, 2:38am

    I may be an American, but I’ve watched BBC programing quite often. I find this more than a bit disturbing. Punishing people for showing dignity and respect to others isn’t right.

  5. What more can you expect from such a rabidly left-wing organisation when confronted by gay people than the very actions and stupidities that they are currently indulging in. Typical socialist twaddle.

    1. The BBC Left-wing? The BBC of “Thought for the day”? Rabidly religious and pro the pope? Patently anti-gay at every turn? Any gay programming following a stereotypical view of “the gays”?

      Not what I think of as left wing at all. Anti gay marriage? Surely all of the above describes more members of the Tory party than it describes members of the left? I wish we could debunk this myth that the BBC is left wing. It is falsely put about by the very right wing establishment that it constantly supports.

      Fawning over the royals and the CofE? Left wing?

    2. Two words for you… Chris Patten.
      Minister for Overseas development, Secretary of State for the environment, Chairman of Conservative party under Margaret Thatcher from 1886 – 1992. Wonder what he’s doing now?

      “On 7 April 2011 the Queen approved Patten’s appointment as the Chairman of the BBC Trust, the governing body of the British Broadcasting Corporation.”

      Also named by the Tablet as one of the most influential Roman Catholics in the country.
      The BBC couldn’t be more Tory if “Blue Peter” wasn’t a programme title but a mission statement.
      And you still imagine the BBC’s left wing? Perhaps compared with UKIP.

    3. What a weird world you live in if you think that the BBC is right-wing – its staff have admitted publicly that they take their cue from the likes of The Guardian newspaper and that they are, almost to a man, socialists, but I suppose that you think that The Guardian is the Conservative Party’s house magazine. What strange people you are – for you, I suppose, black is white and up is down and right is left. All that you demonstrate is the usual socialist stupidity when challenged about your childish entrenched views and your obvious sense of victimhood. Thank goodness that not all of us gay people are like you.

  6. Pete Riches 19 Dec 2013, 2:46pm

    Using the BBC’s own dishonest argument, does that mean that we won’t have red poppies crammed down our collective throats every year by every single BBC presenter? Red paper poppies are, without a shadow of a doubt, a charitable symbol. In fact for several days each year you can’t set foot out of your front door without being assailed by charity poppy sellers.

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