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Teen health charity calls on BBC to review guidelines following Graham Norton AIDS ribbon row

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Reader comments

  1. If the BBC cannot give a reasonable response to the questions asked then it should issue an apology immediately and change it’s stance in the future.
    I know how threatening and intimidating the BBC licence letters can be even where I don’t use a television or consume any of their product, the BBC has a definite attitude problem.

  2. “The BBC must not stand behind their need to be impartial on this.”
    If they were claiming impartiality, by making exceptions for poppies (and the other points mentioned in the article) they are clearly NOT being impartial. I don’t think they can themselves really believe this is the reasoning for their present intransigence.

    I believe one likely explanation is that BBC management are scared to apply any real thought to the issue for fear that any attempt to question the status quo will single them out for criticism and jeopardise their careers. Quite why that should be is a rather damning indictment of the climate and beliefs of those at the helm of the BBC. Others have claimed more sinister agendas, of course ;-)

    ” As one of our finest institutions […]
    Very diplomatic. It doesn’t hurt to remind them of what they should be, but I don’t think too many people any longer view the establishment through such rose-tinted nostalgia-filled lenses.

  3. Many people including myself have asked you previously to explain your bizarre comments with facts and rational substantiation, and you have yet to do so.

    1) I agree that there is some room for improvement there ;-)
    2) substantiation needed
    3) unsubstantiated hyperbole and theatre
    4 – 1) A statement wouldn’t hurt, but something tells me you wouldn’t believe it.
    4 – 2) Substantiation needed.
    4 – 3) Substantiation needed.

    By continually repeating your claims without explaining them, it has already been pointed out to you that you are behaving no better than a troll. Rather than convincing people of your views you are thus merely irritating people, making them even less likely to take you seriously.

  4. I have complained myself – awaiting my answer as to why this has happeded.
    I have long been a great advocate of the BBC. Now however, I am not sure I can ever perceive them as being the solid reliable force for good broadcasting. As some celebs have recently stated – the BBC has gone downhill fast.

    If only they would apologise for it being the wrong decision at the time, it will put them in such a more respected light. They will have to answer this question eventually, so why not come clean now, admitting their faults

  5. Steve Cross 19 Dec 2013, 12:54am

    It is without question that the BBC is in a snit over having their authority ignored. Somebody kindly kick them squarely in the arse and give a bouquet of flowers to Graham.

    That said, what is the problem with BBC and other prominent news agencies when it comes to the acronym AIDS? They spell it “Aids,” which is not only improper — AIDS is not a word, but represents Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome — it’s painfully ignorant.

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