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After nearly blinding her dog with a hammer, homophobes say children’s entertainer is next

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Reader comments

  1. It will be some weedy little 14 year old that’s never had any discipline in his life (but that’s beside the point). Catch the scum. The papers should be putting up a reward for this to make sure the person gets his time.

    1. In all fairness we don’t know that. It could be an ex partner with a gripe, a neighbor, a right-wing extremist, or a teenager.

      I’m thinking they’re older than a teen, because of the writing. I’ve seen a photo of the shed door, and they had to lean down to spray-paint the bottom word, while the first word at the top rose to the very top of the door. They’re also tall enough to comfortably reach the top of the van without it affecting their scribble in any obvious way. This is a tall person.

      It’s the same person because they use the same curved capital “E” in their scribble.

      They used two different colour spray-paints too. So, they’ve either bought another one (red to be more threatening) or they have access to it. The only people who own spray-paint are those who use it in graffiti, or those who work in mechanics and bodywork.

      She has links to the local biker community, I would be looking through that first and foremost.

      1. Actually, many people have access to and use spray paints, I myself own numerous cans and am neither a graffiti ‘artist’ or a mechanic. It can be bought cheaply enough in many locations. Sweeping generalizations help no one.

        That said, I hope the police are taking this case extremely seriously – and looking at as wide a range of potential suspects as need be.

      2. Why should anyone think that the local bikers have anything to do with it. In my experience, bikers are some of the nicest people you could wish to meet. She should probably look at the local ‘worthies’. The so-called respectable folk of the island. It’ll be someone no one would suspect I bet.

        1. PantoHorse 18 Dec 2013, 3:51pm

          My tuppence worth: it’s some arsehole teenager, incredibly messed up in the head, who’s daubed on her shed too cos they got a kick out of the attention for their first attack.

          My experience of Guernsey is it’s a lovely place – peaceful, gentle, but not without its social problems caused in the main by the relative lack of opportunity, or even things to do, for younger people – there’s quite a lot of drinking and drug taking goes on. I’m not saying excusing bashing a dog’s head in, not at all, but people presented with sweet fa to either do or aim for do some crazy things. I sincerely hope whoever did it is caught and both suitably punished and educated.

  2. Ah yes…..typical of filthy, cowardly homophobic scum. Violence and intimidation towards an innocent woman and her poor dog.
    Grrrrr!! It makes my blood boil when they call GLBTQ people these vile names when THEY (the perpetrators) are the ones causing misery and fear everywhere they go.

  3. This is deeply disturbing.

    Have the majority of the citizens of Guernsey actively demonstrated their support to this victim? If not, why not?

    The citizens of Guernsey need to get out there into the streets and send a very loud message to the homophobes of Guernsey that their behaviour will NOT be tolerated!

    Come on, citizens of Guernsey! We’re watching you. What are you made of?

    1. I have a lot of family in Guernsey and I have been told that there is a lot of support for the victim here. So much so, a Facebook campaign against homophobia has been started. Many of my family have joined the support group.

      They also tell me that much is being done over there and given that the island is very small, I suspect it won’t take too long before those responsible are found. I certainly hope that this is the case

      1. That’s very welcome news, D McCabe. Thanks for that. Can you give us the link the Facebook campaign?

  4. As I said on the initial piece about this, the person who did this is mentally unstable and potentially psychopathic. Someone able to harm a defenseless animal in such a barbaric way is a real danger.

    I also said before that her safety is at risk here and there should be steps to monitor her home. Obviously they haven’t done this.

    It’s infuriating that little seems to be done in these cases. When there is a clear threat to someones life the authorities should be doing everything they can to catch those responsible. Covert cameras are so cheap these days there’s really no excuse. Panic buttons can be used for next to nothing. The police often know those within a community with extremist views or history of violence.

    It might not be fair but I sometimes wonder just what police do all day. It seems that the majority of the time they have little interest in their own communities have no real passion for the job – clock in and clock out.

  5. The image of Guernsey as a nice place to live has been badly damaged by all this. What are the police doing about this? and where is the outrage from the people of Guernsey, sounds like a horrific inbred place where scum attack animals and minorities.

    1. See my comment above about the people in Guernsey being as outraged by this as we all.

      It is only a small island (my grandfather used to tell me it is 9 miles long by 3 miles wide) so I hope it won’t be too long before those responsible are caught.

      1. So at least some reasonable people on the island,set up a facebook page against homophobia, is that it? Hardly much outrage expected from a small community now famed for hate crime and animal cruelty, with a psychopath on the loose in such a small area. I think you may have a biased view on the support there for the victims.

  6. Adele Magee 18 Dec 2013, 2:25pm

    Whatever the motive, what they did to the dog was vile. When caught, they had better get prison time.

  7. Without equal rights the politicians are telling people that LGBT people are inferior, and directly encouraging disgusting acts like this. Where is Guernsey? Russia?

  8. Tom Cotner 18 Dec 2013, 3:14pm

    People who hate know no boundaries to their hatred. This is why it is so important to weed these people out and show them up for what they are.
    To spew out hatred in the act of injuring a poor beast is typical of the absolute lack of any sort of humanity in these people. It is disgusting.

  9. Poor doggy, hope they catch vicious thugs who did this. There are some horrid, nasty people around these days I hope they get locked up and they throw away the key :'(

  10. When they get catch hold of this maniac,then perhaps they should hit him/her with a hammer,see how they like it!

  11. James Chumbley 18 Dec 2013, 9:47pm

    I would love to get my hands on those people … but volence just brings on more volence … I guess. I would still like to have a chance to take a hammer to them … pehaps it would beat some sense into those homophobic pieces of crap.

  12. Revolting barbarian. I hope they catch the little ****** who did this and throw him in a psychiatric facility where he belongs. That poor dog lost an eye because of a psychotic bigot.

  13. Billy Adamson 20 Dec 2013, 9:01pm

    Ms Harding has withdrawn her complaint about the graffiti……… I say no more

    Guernsey has NO animal cruelty laws, it’s law makers concentrate on laws for the vile banking industry that keep the island alive, Animal & Human rights come far down the list of laws in the making.

  14. Garry (Guernsey) 20 Dec 2013, 9:18pm

    From BBC Guernsey Website

    Guernsey woman withdraws dog attack allegationsGuernsey Police have said they are no longer looking for anybody in relation to a reported attack on a dog on 11 December.

    Police investigated after the dog lost an eye. It was alleged it had been hit repeatedly with a hammer.

    Det Insp Richard Medhurst said the dog’s owner had withdrawn her allegations.

    They also looked into homophobic graffiti sprayed on to the owner’s van and shed door.

    Det Insp Medhurst said she had asked for “all donations offered by sympathisers to be returned”.

    He said there was “no evidence at all” that the owner had injured the dog and the animal was in police care – with the owner’s agreement – and receiving veterinary treatment.

    Police have begun investigating other possible causes for the dog’s injuries, including an animal attack or road accident.

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