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Pope Francis removes anti-equal marriage cardinal from Vatican Committee

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Reader comments

  1. “less outspoken” does not mean “less bigoted”. It means upholding the same bigotry but being able to package it better.

    It’s another stylistic change – he’s a master of PR this pope

  2. This pope is a pragmatist. He knows the church is failing – in every sense of the word. If the organisation he leads is to survive, it HAS to modernise – both in structure and ethos. Just as with eating fish on Fridays, the vast majority of catholics no longer adhere to its rules on contraception or extra-marital sex. So, as most young people are asking, ‘what’s the point of the church …?’ the pope must adopt change. I think it’s all too little, too late …..

  3. I think the pope has more important things to sort as to address poor ,unfairness etc .
    The removal of this Cardinal has stop the church being dragged into the media spot light again.
    Yes the church needs to make changes , I think issue of world hunger poverty are more important then gay rights. As a gay man I have fond of the greatest bigots are Gay men .I think Gay community as a whole needs to address it own issues . At least this pope is trying to make a change . We should at least see what changes he will make.
    The issue the church has with homosexuality is about sex the same issue it has with sex outside of marriage. I think the gay community would better off addressing the fact of young men having unsafe sex . Instead of Bitching about the Catholic Church . I might the add the Church has been around the last 2000 years Which is a great deal longer the any longer any of the gay venues in Crompton street or any where else.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Dec 2013, 6:18pm

    One less venomous cleric I suppose, not enough though. There are many in the hierarchy of similar views. Remove them and maybe we’d see some real progress.

  5. Colin (Queenstown/London) 19 Dec 2013, 6:36pm

    Yet again NOTHING CHANGED. Good PR but words only.

  6. the qquestion is whehter this is simply window dressing for the VAT. Its well known that Francis wants to remove right wing extremists espcially those appointed by RATZInger

    Whether he has any plans to go to eg a neutral position on civil law marriage for gays is anyones guess. In the USA polls consistently show that catholic people support gays marrying under civilo law by 2 to 1. about 75% of those under 30 support civil marriage.

    I presume that england is like France – eg only about 5% go to church on any regular basis. IMO thats because the church built the foudnations for hitler’s election and the holocaust with its 1500 year hatred of Jews re christ

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