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US: New Jersey officials end push to codify equal marriage in law

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  1. New Jersey officials should continue to push for actual written laws on this stuff regardless of what a court says.
    As we’ve seen with India a few days ago, court decisions can be overturned by a higher court pretty much immediately and without any warning. Of course, it is unlikely to happen in a place like New Jersey, but our rights are too important to be treated so carelessly.
    Also, as we saw with Ken Cuccinelli’s run for governor of Virginia, there are not only places with anti-gay laws still on the books despite being struck down by a court ruling, but there are also bigoted legislators out there just itching to be given the opportunity of making them enforceable again.

    Equal marriage must be written as law, even if a court has already decided on the matter. It should be our responsibility to make sure that future generations of LGBT people do not have to be burdened with such a risk to their rights.

    1. There is no higher court in this case, though. State supreme courts have the last word when it comes to interpreting state constitutions. That’s why similar rulings by the supreme courts of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa were never appealed to a federal court – and believe me, they would have been appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if it had been possible. Massachusetts will be celebrating its tenth year of court-ordered marriage equality in a few months, and same-sex marriage is every bit as secure there as it is in states that legalized it via the legislature (like Vermont) or through a Swiss-style referendum (like Maine).

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