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Tory Vice Chair: BBC ban on Graham Norton’s AIDS ribbon is ‘extraordinary’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Dec 2013, 6:36pm

    Excellent commentary by Mike Fabricant. I wonder how much longer the BBC will hold out on this?

  2. I have escalated my complaint and will keep going up to the BBC Trust, untill I get an answer that is consistant and does not give a load of inaccurate nonsense.
    I’m pleased MP’s are starting to take notice of this.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Dec 2013, 7:47pm

      Let’s hope more MPs get on board, really put some pressure on the BBC to do the right thing. I’ve tweeted a few already.

  3. Excellent news here! Well done Ben Bradshaw and Mr Fabricant for there support. Keep going renovate. I didn’t get a response yet from the BBC.

  4. Craig Denney 16 Dec 2013, 9:02pm

    I was watching Bargain Hunt the other day and one of the contestants had a huge cross down her cleavage and she was not told to stop wear it.

  5. Good to see cross party opposition to the BBC’s ridiculous stance.

  6. Colin (Queenstown/London) 16 Dec 2013, 10:45pm

    I think there are more important things to be fighting for like the BBC stance on broadcasting the Winter Olympics from Russia.. Now can we get global boycott of all broadcasters for the period of the olympics?????

  7. If I recall, everyone on that episode was wearing a red ribbon. It would have looked pretty silly for all the guests (as none were BBC employees and weren’t subject to any rules) to wear one while Graham didn’t. He’s been a major supporter of this cause for many years. Have a consistent policy or have no policy at all.

  8. Wonder who is sitting in their office squirming saying “Why did I open my big mouth! Heads will roll if they don’t cover for me”

    It’s at times of controversy like this that I begin to think that the BBC actually stands for
    “Broadcasting Becomes Corrupt”

    1. “The controversy was raised by Hamish Marshall, a BBC South West reporter and presenter based in Plymouth – who was sent on a BBC training course which said Norton was “in the wrong” for wearing the ribbon.”

  9. We’ll done Pink News for taking this up and giving a focus and a voice to this important and legitimate concern. Only prejudice can be at the root of the BBC’s unedifying and hypocritical inconsistency on this issue – the sooner they abandon their defence of the indefensible the better.

  10. Many people don’t like the poppy for remembrance of those who fought for Britain’s defence (not me I add, I lost family in both world wars), but they tell those not wearing it to put one on, (I believe in choice, after all we don’t live in Hitler’s Britain do we, if my memory serves he lost the war so we do not live under any sort of tyrany, we live in what I was led to believe was a democracy where choice was the name of the game not to be told what to do, if transgender remembrance day had a symbol ribbon like say the light purple tricolor flag would the BBC ban that too most probably, the BBC is supposed to be diverse, well if they are not why should be a tax for their “entertainment” lets face it this years Xmas fayre on BBC is all repeats and from what I seen hardly worth watching.

  11. If you want to change hearts and minds so that those who wish to raise awareness of AIDS (I lost friends to this awful virus in the 80’s and so I know of its devistating affects, not just those who develop it but on those who love and cherish them as friends and loved ones), the red ribbon should be placed on the same level as those wearing religious symbols, rainbow ribbons I’ve seen, pink ribbons for breast cancer and a multitude of other symbols people are allowed to wear on BBC shows, sign this petition please

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