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France: President Francois Hollande to snub Russian Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. Unless he states a reason, his absence is of little value as a protest in support of us, is it?

  2. Unless he gives a clear indication of the reasons for not attending, it’s pretty meaningless and isn’t actually newsworthy. There could be no French political attendance because of embassy spats, diplomatic disagreement, a legal wrangle, or a domestic opinion issue. If the French people have expressed some dissatisfaction with Russia over something else it could force his hand.

    Without a statement of the reason this is pointless.

  3. Sammy Stone 16 Dec 2013, 12:12pm

    I thought he said he wasn’t going to “compete” in the Sochi Olympics. I’m confused.

  4. Sloppy headline. What has been said to suggest this is actual “snub”?

  5. I hope he makes his reasons clear but whether he does or not I’m glad he’s not going. Not giving a reason is still a snub to Putin. Hopefully, he will ‘come out’ as opposed to Russian homophobia.

  6. George Broadhead 16 Dec 2013, 5:23pm

    Vive Hollande! Vive la France!

  7. I’ve really no idea why heads of state are even supposed to attend the Olympics anyway. Is it supposed to be some show of unity, of putting differences aside? Because if they’re going to do that I’d rather they did it about something meaningful like lifting sanctions on medicines entering Iran, or taking action on climate change. Apologies for always banging on about it, but I just don’t understand why the Olympics is seen as so noble. It’s a corporate funfair full of drug-pumped athletes. If any head of state chooses not to go… so what?

  8. ItchycooMark 17 Dec 2013, 10:34am

    lets hope when the commonwealth games come to Glasgow next year there will be more political opposition to the many commonwealth countries that are as bad if not worse than Russia

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