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Former Culture Secretary: BBC must review guidelines following Graham Norton AIDS ribbon row

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher Charlton 16 Dec 2013, 3:40pm

    I wrote a blog a year ago when I discovered that Cafe Nero seemed to have the same policy as that described of the BBC here.

    I still fail to understand how the poppy can be endorsed whilst the red ribbon is rejected.

    1. I believe Cafe Nero has an outlet in Broadcasting House London.

  2. Something tells me that Graham did not agree it was wrong of him to wear the ribbon.

  3. What about Red Nose day then?

  4. Can you give instances, chapter and verse, in support of your allegations so others may judge for themselves?
    How is it like the Daily Mail?
    What right-wing agenda is allegedly being promulgated?
    How could the article on Baroness Warsi be construed as fawning?

  5. oh f off, you’re getting on my nerves now. If you think this website is like the daily mail or right wing you need a reality check.

    1. Benjamin Cohen 16 Dec 2013, 4:38pm

      I don’t work for Channel 4. I left over a year ago. Stop posting nonsense or we will just add you to the trolls list. We have got rid of most of them now so we can do the same to you.

  6. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve complained to the BBC about their blatant bias, inconsistency and lack of accountability. But they always respond with “your wrong, we’re right” while failing to address the very real issues. As long as the licence fee is compulsory, the BBC is both taxpayer funded and also outside the democratic system, so we can’t express our displeasure either with our feet or with our vote. This makes it a uniquely unaccountable organisation and they are free to ignore us as much as they like, with no consequences.

  7. As vile as the Daily Mail is, it’s a private venture. The BBC is publicly funded and therefore accountable to us as licence fee payers. We deserve better than being fobbed off by faceless ‘spokespeople’.

  8. Benjamin Cohen 16 Dec 2013, 6:37pm

    I still personally can’t believe that the BBC is refusing to answer straight questions from PinkNews. No pun intended!

    1. If the BBC have no answer then an apology from them would be in order.

  9. Frank Boulton 17 Dec 2013, 10:40am

    PN quotes a BBC spokesperson as having said. “… Graham has accepted he was wrong to do so.”

    What proof is there that Graham has admitted doing wrong? Do we only have the BBC’s word to take for this? I’m very cynical of such a statement. In the late 1980’s the West Midlands police published a statement in a newspaper, saying that I had “recanted”, certain allegations that I had made against them I hadn’t recanted and I couldn’t recant, because the allegations were made by a number of other parties rather than myself. So, what proof does the BBC have of Graham Norton’s admission of doing wrong?

  10. I hope he gets somewhere with this, but i would not hold out much hope. The BBC isn’t really accountable to anyone, things like point of view etc are just mouthpieces. There are lots of cases where they just do as they like knowing that ultimately little will be done. In reality as a public broadcaster they should look to support all organisations or causes which work for good. It s not just a gay issue , AIDS effects everyone. I really wish Graham Norton was to make his obvious disgust over their actions much more known.

  11. It makes one wonder why we have to pay a licence fee for just the BBC which holds such draconian attitudes and obvious hypocritical standards….let them seek funding like other television channels and give the fee to charities that do something useful for people and do not turn out such idiotic political correct crap again and again…..

  12. Mateo Reid 10 Jan 2014, 6:06am

    American People own the airwaves that are used by the Networks to Broadcast their programming. PBS which at one time was funded completely by Government never had such regulations that a host could not express their opinions. If so concerned the BBC could just post a disclaimer at the beginning of a show that say they do not endorse in whole or in part anything the host of a show does. What is wrong with BBC? First of all it is run by a LORD??? That says a mouthful. Relic of the past. I’m all for the Queen as quite frankly she is the greatest tourist draw for the country. But the rest, c’mon!

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