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X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger defends James Arthur following homophobia controversy

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Reader comments

  1. Midnighter 13 Dec 2013, 7:48pm

    Support him in his homophobia, or support him by giving him the education in tolerance and thinking-before-he-speaks which he so clearly needs?

    So very vague and “safe”. Are we meant to be impressed?

  2. So Nicole is just there for homophobia as well? Nor surprised. Supporters of homophobia are coming out the woodwork for this guy

  3. She’s so tolerant of bigots. I’m sure she wouldn’t be defending him if he’d called someone a fcking n*gger. Disgusting that she is sticking up for a homophobic bully.

    And the cream is always the first thing to go sour.

    1. My thoughts exactly

  4. He’s a sad case that maybe needs some help. At least the X factor presenters are allowed to wear red ribbons.

  5. Mum always told me it’s scum that rises to the top

    1. Hello Kaz. Sorry, I think I just pinched your comment. Well said anyway, and sorry again!

  6. Sh*tsinger and the other x factor puppets will still be welcomed down at GAY, London’s biggest gay club. Why is it assumed LGBT people are suckers for throwaway pop drivel from homophobes that are only interested in manipulating the pink pound from the passive/weak/no backbone London gay audience. How can others respect us when many of us are blatantly acting the pathetic uncle tom roles and accept this without question.

    1. I agree with you -often we in the LGBT complain and do nothing.

  7. I should have asked Pam Ayers

    The wail of his own voice sounds like music to his ears
    And he hasn’t got an inkling that he’s boring us to tears.
    His friends don’t call so often, they’ve busy lives you know
    But who wants to hear a homophobic windbag suck and blow.

    1. Pam Ayres rather.

  8. Well, well, I thought she was nice and I kind of liked the dumb guy. Now I don’t think anything of her and…. Him… I regret I ever listened to him. But so many gays and lesbians are going to continue to die for both of them, so they’ll go on bashing us up and down.

  9. i wonder which PR company told this guy to say “my gran died and thats why i said it”. If I was a member of his family I would be disgusted that he used a death in the family as an excuse for bigotry and just being a twat

    1. doesn’t wash with me 0 he as made homophoibic comment before what was the reason then granddad had passed over? people die close to me I don’t go around making anti hate comments

  10. So would she support him had he used the N word – I don’t think so. What a disgrace she support a homophobic tweets -lets not forget this is NOT the first time he as ben caught out in anti gay tweets

  11. This is all now part of the stage show for people like Sh*tsinger. They are just glorified karaoke singers, nothing more. The show is primarily a circus, an opportunity for people to boo, hiss and cheer based primarily on how many karaoke songs they can sing and what their “tragedy” is.

    The added drama is thrown in to give it something extra, otherwise it would have died out a long time ago and wouldn’t have been in the headlines as much as it was. The arguments between presenters, the faux outrage of “talented” singers being dropped, the things they say off-stage and the people they hang out with… it’s all part of the performance and is needed to make money.

    Sh”tsinger is just continuing that tradition, being a willing puppet for the bullsh*t merchants peddling trash to make another few quid.

    Also, I saw an ad for his album a couple of days ago. Wow, what utter meaningless drivel! He sounds like a clone of every other male solo artist of the last twenty years.

  12. I wonder if she would be ‘there’ for him if he was making racist tweets?
    Maybe she’s part of that crowd. That crowd that’s okay with bullies, and bigots…. as long as it’s not a trait they share.

  13. “In the end I know that the cream will always rise to the top.”
    Yes, so does the scum.

  14. I think she is foolish to defend him. His tweet was pretty vile. No excuse for it. She says he’s not a homophobe but the tweet says otherwise. He has apologised and we’ll see whether his career recovers. He’s made his bed. Now he has to lie in it.

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