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Russian actor says gay people should be burned alive as ‘a danger’ to his children

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Reader comments

  1. Keith Farrell 13 Dec 2013, 2:28pm

    Is this what we want to see in the world. Gay people being murdered! I cannot understand people like this. he is a danger to his own children. What would happen, God forbid, if one of his children is gay? is he prepared to murder his own child. This is not a man. he is sub human

    1. Gregory Brent Lyons 13 Dec 2013, 3:14pm

      Abraham was prepared to murder his own son. Remember that?

      1. “Abraham” was purportedly prepared to murder his own son in submission to his barbaric desert deity’s supposed demand for such a sacrifice. Do you think this ridiculous tattooed moron has even such a pathetic excuse?

      2. Who is this Abraham? He must be a fictional character – or psychiatric patient – if he was hearing voices from god …

    2. He represents the traditional Russian values…

    3. I think his whole spiel is a sort of Poe isn’t it?
      Poe’s Law says sometimes people are such a total parody of Fundamentalism that it is hard to distinguish it from the real thing.
      Maybe Poe’s law only applies to writing but anyway you get my drift, he’s either a travesty of hysterical anti-gay paranoia or he’s the real thing.
      I don’t know enough (or anything) about him to judge.

  2. “and served as an Orthodox Christian priest until 2010, when his priesthood was suspended.”

    A shame, as it looks like his mind works the same as the rest of that cult.

    How do people like this have the IQ to reproduce?

    1. If people needed a basic intelligence to create new life the world would be a much different place. Sometimes I wish it were the case, then maybe sickos like this man would not be able to have children.

      1. Midnighter 13 Dec 2013, 7:23pm

        I’m sure you’ll agree it is not true that the only good people in society are the intellectual elite, any more than it is true that all people with low IQs are bad.

        What you are talking about is stupidity, in the sense that whatever their potential IQ, they aren’t using it.

        Organised religion discourages independent thought, fosters fantasy over demonstrable realities and in that sense encourages stupidity from even the intellectually gifted by inculcating them with nonsense from birth.

        Blame the real cause of such bigotry: religion.

        1. There is a direct link between bigotry, fascism and violence against others with a lack of education and lower intelligence. This is clearly shown throughout every prison system on the planet, and every highly religious state/nation.

          So, partly I agree, obviously not every person of low intelligence is violent sicko (my comment was partially flippant), but we cannot ignore the links for political correctness.

          Of course I agree that religion plays a big part in the formation of the majority of these sick individuals, that we most certainly can agree on. I guess another debate here is whether religion causes low intelligence (and the resulting bigotry, hatred and violence) or whether unintelligent people are naturally inclined to be religious and accepting of magical fairy stories as “reality”.

          1. Good points.

            I’ve seen nothing to suggest that religion causally lowers intelligence, but I am convinced it does change the way in which the religious apply thought to certain issues. This can be seen when people genuinely begin to question their faith, perhaps prompted by a significant event in their lives. Their position can quite rapidly reverse on the issue as the house of cards of weak argumentation for their faith collapses under application of their intellect, perhaps the first time they have applied it genuinely in their lives.

            I think there could be a correlative link however, in that again those with lower IQ might be more easily persuaded by weaker arguments, however religion works on the basis of indoctrination from birth to gather the bulk of its members, so I wouldn’t expect a large statistical effect. Finding genuine independent studies on this issue might be tricky :P

    2. It should be abundantly clear that the Russian Orthodox Church has taken on the intentions and actions of a terrorist organization. That such a person with such a background could make such vicious statements indicates that Russian LGBTs (and perhaps Russian Jews as well) are right to feel threatened and in fear of their lives.

  3. Christopher in Canada 13 Dec 2013, 2:44pm

    Reminds me of how all the nuts lined up around Stalin in his day pledging him their support. Look what happened to them all.

  4. What a f***ing scarey, backward, ignorant place Russia is. It’s not surprising countries like Ukraine want to put themselves, politically, as far away as possible. When an emasculated nation, ruled by a dictator, starts to feel isolated and threatened, there’s no telling what it might do. Certainly, the leaders will find scapegoats to distract from their own failings. The parallels between Russia today and Germany pre-WWII, are really frightening. The International Community ignores Putin at its peril ……

    1. @truth, judging by the amount of likes, dailymail like comments are equally popular on pink news

      1. I’ve never read The Dail Mail. I’ve heard it’s for self-loathers. Is it good …?

  5. Most children in danger live in house’s with knob heads like you, most children abused are in a house of a straight couple – – he looks as camp as Christmas surname is good – ok boy sin I mean okhtboystin

    Another one with the IQ of a carrot stick.

    How sad to wake up everyday with such vile disgusting thoughts

  6. He voices the main character in the movie The Snow Queen, due for a US DVD release on January 28, 2014. Vertical Entertainment is the US distributor of the film. Here is their website (the email addresses and personal telephone numbers of the company Co-Presidents and Marketing rep are at the bottom of the page). You know what to do.

    The Wikipedia page for the film in question is here:

    Most of the cast of the English-dubbed version are fairly well-known voice actors and actresses, who more likely than not, have Twitter handles.

    Now get to work, people!

  7. “when his priesthood was suspended”

    Should have worn a better jock strap then.

  8. Such attitude towards gays is now supported in Russia. The real meaning of Putin’s speech that Russia is going to make life of gays like hell after Olympics.

    1. Which is why our countries should be immediately denouncing this, expressing outrage, and opening up the opportunity to accept asylum seekers fleeing Russia. There should be charities set up to pay for the flights and asylum process of those LGBT people in Russia to get them out now.

      Who here would not donate to such an effort spearheaded by Amnesty International? The consequences of doing nothing to evacuate LGBT people from Russia are far too dangerous.

      We need to start helping people get out of that hell hole of a country while we can, and not wait for Putin’s fascist goon squads to start slaughtering people.

  9. In the 1930’s there were also fascists writing columns in national press denouncing the Jews in the same way, characterizing them as “evil”, calling them a “threat” to children and families, encouraging others to attack them.

    It seems that every time there is a report on PN about what is happening in Russia it can be directly linked to what happened in Nazi Germany before WW2.

    Once again, it seems that Russia is directly following the path of Nazi Germany, and Putin is the next Hitler. His goons are the Brown shirts, his media personalities the same as the fascists in 1930’s Germany.

    How long before Putin invades another country (Ukraine perhaps) and then begins the onslaught of mass murder within his own country?

    Mark my words people, we can predict where this is all leading, and in ten years time we will all be wondering why the hell our governments sat back and did f**k all to challenge it.

    1. Putin is more likely to invade Poland.
      The old camps from 70 years ago are still there as a memorial to what happened, it would be quicker and easier for Putin to get them going again than to build entirely new infrastructure for genocide.

      1. Poland is far too powerful to threaten, and the world would likely jump in before he got a tank over the border. Nato would be carpet bombing his troops the moment he started building up along the border. Ukraine on the other hand would likely invite him in, to quell domestic opposition. That would make it harder for Nato or the UN to argue against it.

        Either way, the Nazis took no time at all to build their camps. They used slave labor, working their prisoners to death to build everything from death camps and military bases to bunkers and factories.

        Putin would do the same thing, invade a country, round up political opponents, LGBT people, journalists and other “undesirables” and force them into building whatever they need to totally dominate that country.

        It might seem like a stretch of the imagination, but Russia has a history of being the aggressor (remember Georgia?)

  10. Small-time Homophobic Russian actor’s karma will kick his anti-gay dogma before long.
    “What you sow so shall you reap” is one Biblical quote that probably makes a lot more sense than some.

  11. That There Other David 13 Dec 2013, 3:42pm

    But of course, Russian homophobia doesn’t exist. It’s all just about preventing literature being put in front of impressionable young minds….etc…etc…etc…

  12. soapbubblequeen 13 Dec 2013, 3:45pm

    The only danger to children is people like him promoting ignorance, bigotry and intolerance with his Nazi views. Piece of filth. Hope he dies.

  13. Mark Greenberg 13 Dec 2013, 3:55pm

    I hope his children are Gay he can start the fire himself.
    Failed at religion.
    Failed at politics and failed as a human being. (About that fire dude!!)

    All round failure.

    1. Desperate for attention too. Sad, self-loathing closet case if you ask me …

  14. And this is what happens when the leader of a country takes Putin’s view. I’m sure he is proud of himself, but he should be ashamed.

  15. The sad reality is that he will face no repercussions for saying such vile, disgusting and dangerous things.

    However, if he had said something like “homosexuality is a natural state and gays should be afforded equal treatment, respect and dignity” he would be arrested and charged with a crime under the new propaganda law.

    That is truly shocking.

  16. Let me guess. He also wants to tear down all WW2 memorials in Russia because his side lost?
    Because the deaths of between 21,800,000 and 28,000,000 Soviet soldiers and civilians means absolutely nothing.

  17. Edgar Carpenter 13 Dec 2013, 5:07pm

    The gay people in his imagination are the results of a long Christian campaign to demonize us – and his imaginary gay people are, in fact, quite awful. Those imaginary, evil gay people are the only gay people that the people of Russia are being allowed to talk about these days, thanks to the Russian Orthodox Church.

    The only way to change the situation in Russia is to provide real-life counter examples, real Russian gay people who are decent human beings with families and friends. And the Russian Orthodox hierarchy and the anti-gay Russian legislators know that – which is why they are working hard to keep real Russian LGBT people silent and hidden.

    As long as we don’t explicitly address the fact that they are legislating against imaginary evils, and suppressing decent citizens to keep their mythology in place, we will fail – we need to convince enough Russians that they should also listen to real LGBT voices and lives before any change can happen.

  18. What a freak (not a word I would usually use, but well-deserved in this case I think).

    I feel sorry for his children.

  19. The dump of a country needs boycotting on every level. All it’s ever offered to the rest of the world is hate.

  20. James Campbell 13 Dec 2013, 6:09pm

    What has happened to the nation which has made such a major contribution to human achievement such as: Konstantin Leontiev – bisexual Author and critic /Anna Yevreinova – Lesbian lawyer / Maria Feodorova – Lesbian author /Polyxena Soloviova & Natalia Manaseina – Lesbian couple & writers /Alexei Apukhtin – Gay writer /Peter Tchaikovsky – Gay author / Vladimir Meshchersky -Publisher etc etc.?

    Under Lenin’s leadership, homosexuality was decriminalised in 1917 and re-criminalised by Stalin in 1933. Just when the rest of the more civilised world are attempting to respect the human rights of minority groups, Russia is sliding back to the Stalinist era.

    As for gay people being a threat to children, the facts do not support this claim. I work with abused children. Most child abusers are straight and most abuse takes place in the home.

  21. friday jones 13 Dec 2013, 6:26pm

    Don’t forget, Russia was seriously considered for admission as the fourth member of the Axis. Google “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.” The Russian culture hasn’t really progressed much since then.

  22. Danny Boyd 13 Dec 2013, 6:42pm

    I wonder could he be put on a banned list for visiting countries in the EU due to his incitement to hate crime.

  23. For their sake I seriously hope none of his children turn out to be gay, he’s clearly a sadistic sociopath and would probably try to kill them.

  24. I’m sorry Ivan, I can’t hear you over the loud buzzing from the flashing neon ‘Self Hating Closet Case’ sign over your head.

  25. He’s daring to say what millions of his countrymen and countrywomen believe.

    Horrifying. Chilling.

    We HAVE TO boycott everything Russian, and at ALL COSTS.

    And we have to take action.

    Russian is home to 144 million people! That means that about 5 million LGBTs in Russia are really living in a state of great fear right now, with no hope of improvement.

    1. 5 million LGBTs in Russia (of a population of 144 million – Actually its 143.5 million)? Rather conservative don’t you think!
      7-11 million is a more accurate figure.

      1. OK, Renovato, bung on another 6 million!

        11 million LGBT citizens being denied equality, respect, and dignity in Russia today is an OUTRAGE.

        I don’t think we can comprehend the magnitude of this.

        1. Well actually I think its an outrage if it were only one person having a government impinge into the intimate consensual innate behaviour of there citizens, whether this is gay or straight the fact this law also denies sex education and information to those who are gay, worse it feeds them lies, even to those where sex is above the age of consent of 16 and perfectly legal. It does in fact impact on a lot more than the millions I indicate as it adversely impacts on the relationships within families and those not counted in the above figures who are basically straight but may be a 1 or 2 on the Kinsey scale and these laws negatively impact on them too in receiving negative lies and misinformation on their feelings for others. Isn’t this one of the factors thought to sustain homophobia in the general population.
          This pernicious legislation has implications for many more than those primarily impacted by it!!

  26. Who is this psychopath? Is he in any noble way associated with great Comedy? Or is a dumbed-down Limbaugh, if that is possible?

  27. I wonder why this fu(ked up creep got kicked out of the priesthood, was he molesting children?
    And why doesn’t he grow up, the guy is knocking 50yrs old and he’s dressing, talking and behaving like an immature thug, I’d hate to have that for a Dad if I was one of his kids.
    Gawd only knows if he’s a closet case but he looks as camp as a row of pink frilly handbags to me, plus he’s stolen Elton John’s rose coloured glasses… hypocrite.

  28. This photograph is a much better likeness of the very camp Ivan Okhlobystin

  29. I’ve just read the very funny Wikipedia page about him. Someone has clearly edited the page about him, good on them!

    1. Ali Cat, your comment was sufficient to peak my curiosity and so I checked it out!

      It sounds like he’s trying to be an off the wall goof for laughs. Unfortunately he hasn’t really grasped how offensive he is to people who don’t wish history to be repeated.

      People need to read the whole synopsis of the interview he gave on 2nd December, to fully understand his inferences to cleansing. The burning alive gays was only a small part. This man is more of a danger to society beyond children (his own included if he is potentially espousing his influentially radical desires “he said that he’ll immediately put up a new Iron Wall around Russia and start a campaign of “cleansing”, in order to “rebuild the Russian nation”.[3]

      I have to wonder gullible (or oppressed) Russians are if they buy into this kind of rhetoric.

  30. Poor kids… he has six of them!!!

  31. Anderson, don’t talk out loud. You’ll lower the IQ of the entire street.

  32. Media is controlled by the government in Russia so it is always Kremlin propaganda. The rule of law is pointless in Russia.

  33. He clearly must want something from Putin to be kissing up so ridiculously. What a silly bigot.

  34. Janet Lameck 14 Dec 2013, 12:07pm

    Its long been my opinion that the so called ‘straights’ are the REAL QUEERS.
    Hitler would have loved this GOOF!

  35. What a vile individual and obviously a seriously unfit father – his children should be taken into care and brought up by loving foster/adoptive parents far away from this hate-filled Nazi.

    Interesting though how gay he looks with all those over-developed muscles and ugly tattoos – he’d fit in so well at a hardcore gay club. Yet another sad self hater. I hope for our good name he is true sexuality is never exposed.

  36. It is the tiniest intellects that often make the most noise. He sees gay people as less than human. Yet there is an extraordinary irony in his nazi-style rant. I live in a part of the world that was actually occupied by the Nazis in WW2. It was their Russian prisoners here who were treated appallingly, as less than human. This man, full of noisy machismo, does not understand the irony of his words, and his country’s sad history. And he certainly doesn’t have the intellect to learn from it. Having the word ‘thick’ tattooed across his forehead would probably be more dignified.

  37. Barry William Teske 15 Dec 2013, 5:33am

    Not a good actor.
    History will burn him perhaps.

  38. Christopher Coleman 15 Dec 2013, 5:08pm

    Another overly tattooed twerp who will be an embarrassment to his children when they are old enough to be seriously teased by their peers.

    Interesting how these people who are so worried about their children do not seem to care much about the political and economic ills that can adversely affect these young lives.

  39. What an a*hole. I trust gays are boycotting Russia with its predominantly anti-gay attitudes. I feel sorry for the millions, yes millions, of Russian gays. It is the most homophobic country in the whole region. By the way, looking at the “actor” who made the comments, he looks like the idiot he is.

  40. jackAlison 16 Dec 2013, 8:42am

    Has any1 eva heard of this nutjob? until now? NO, so like all has beens and wannabe’s hes got his 15 minutes of fame.And I gotta say all the garbage that is coming outta Russia is just the tip of the iceberg. If he gets his “noteriety” thru outrageous statements u can be sure he’ll crash in flames just like the fire he wants to administer to gay ppl. Its a real nose dive in ur career when u have to trade in discrimination to get heard. I also think it really highlights some of the wonderful ppl. weve been lucky to have to speak up in the past and have gone outta their way to use their notariety for good not evil.Gay Icon Elizabeth Taylor was a beacon of justice during the height of the AIDS hysteria. So the world is not all bad.

  41. jackAlison 16 Dec 2013, 8:56am

    I also see a bright side. I neva knew how bad it was in Russia. With Tsar Putin we now know it is worse than eva. But the good part is that all this terrible stuff is comming out into the open.And Russia has to face the international community particularly at Sochi. Russia is host country… however it cannot be seen to be a narrow minded place or else its tourism and its prestige(no pun intended) or what little it has left in its morals bank account will be seen for what it is..a feudal backwater that has really not changed since the revolution with an out of control fanatical orthodox church running the show. Remember it was the orthodox church that worked hand in glove with the KGB secret service to not only spy on its own citizens but to carry out all the illegal infamy of international terrorism during the cold war. It is the orthodox church which calls for violence against gays and it was the orthodox church which had members of pussy riot put in prison just for voicing opinion.

  42. “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” and “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:28 Tattooing Has Witchcraft “Roots” In addition to the above verse, Scripture also warns us not to disfigure our bodies in following verses:” And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them. 1 Kings 18:28″ and “Ye are the sons of the LORD your God; you shall not cut yourselves, nor make any baldness on your foreheads for the dead. Deuteronomy 14:1” Gotta love christians who just pick and choose! :)

  43. I think I am suffering from Post Traumatic Ennui about this sort of thing now… Honestly, Russia is a failed state.

    1. Yes, it’s extremely wearying, I can imagine how tiresome, exhausting and lonely it must be for LGBT’s living in Russia with this irrational hate directed at them as their daily reality and having no obvious champions nor escape.

  44. this guy can stick his mentality in the “oven” and burn…oh wait…you actually have to have a brain to be mental!

  45. MindSpikes 16 Dec 2013, 7:17pm

    Lools just read his wikipedia entry. Facist NUTJOB!!! Rebuild the iron curtain and begin a campaign of cleansing. Burn homosexuals alive. The guy thinks he’s going to be the leader of a new russian empire. How is he not banned from any reasonable nation with anti-incitement laws

  46. People with his mental capacity should be burned alive. F*** em’

  47. Look at this man’s physical appearance and his previous endeavors. How can anyone with half a mind take him seriously. He’s just another person looking for more publicity in a country lacking cultural integrity.

  48. If someone is SO extremist about gay issue, one must have been hiding something and struggling with it. It’s so obvious.

  49. He’s right! being gay is a disease. Medical treatment is needed.

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