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Comment: Equal marriage shows that love is the same the world over by Nick Clegg

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Reader comments

  1. Same-sex marriage is extremely welcome, but it’s not (yet) equal marriage, above all due to the spousal veto, and I wish media like PinkNews would stop using this term.

    And nice try, Nick, but everyone still despises you.

    1. Tim Chapman 13 Dec 2013, 3:43pm

      Agree. It’s same-sex marriage not equal marriage, for the above reason, plus others such as unequal pension rights.

  2. Try telling that to rabid homophobes like Mugabe, Putin, et al ….
    One day, it will become clear that homophobia is simply a manifestation of suppressed same-sex attraction. Ever wondered why some people are homophobic … and others are not? Homophobes are closet cases. They will use ANY source, particularly religious books, to reinforce the outward-projection of their self-loathing.

    1. Truth indeed.
      It’s a sobering thought too with so many homophobes out there, homosexually frustrated self-loathing dupes of Abrahamic religions mostly or carried-on in outdated laws originally imposed by colonial era versions of same.

    2. It’s already been proven by every serious study of sexuality and homophobia. I believe there have been three in the last ten years which specifically looked at the attitudes of participants in relation to the sexuality of others, and then tested their physical responses to visual depictions.
      The results were pretty much consistent throughout each study. Those who describe themselves as against same-sex relationships were more aroused by the visual depictions of the same, than those who were for or indifferent to same-sex relationships.
      If memory serves, the results of these studies all proved the same thing – those who shout the loudest about same-sex relationships are generally the ones desperately hiding and ignoring their own sexuality.
      Again, this is also backed by all those right-wing politicians or pastors who end up caught in a hotel room with a young man.

  3. It’s very welcome news, good to have a date for implementation, and something we’ve seen has only happened because of the Liberals being in coalition, fair play to them.

    I suspect if they were in majority government there wouldn’t be some of the oddities like the pension differences and spousal veto, but they’re about 300 seats short of being able to get it all their own way.

    That said, for someone whose politics is dependent on people remembering there are more choices than Labour or Tory, you’d expect them to remember there’s more to sexuality than gay and straight.

    The new same-sex marriage law affects lots of bisexuals too (and *cough* there’s no hyphen in bisexual). And it is the work not just of gay men and women but lots of bi, straight and asexual people giving the campaign its critical mass to make the law happen.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Clegg. Now, please, could you saturate the media with a message advising that it’s unacceptable and even insulting for people in businesses to automatically assume when form-filling or addressing mail to us that we, as married couples or civilly-partnered couples, are always a “Mr. & Mrs”?

    I’m sick of it! Sick of the assumption that my partner and I are “Mr & Mrs”. Sick of having to continually correct people! Sick of the frequently frosty receptions we get when we politely advise that “Actually, no, it’s not Mr. and Mrs., it’s Mr. X and Mr. Y”.

    Deal with this, please, Nick? It would be REALLY helpful. Practically helpful.

    Thank you.

  5. no, it really isn’t

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