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Putin: Anti-gay laws protect against the ‘destruction of traditional values’

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Reader comments

  1. “Quoting early 20th century Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev, the president said conservatism does not stop society from progressing but “prevents it from falling backward into chaotic darkness and the state of primitive man.”

    Oh right….so beating people to a pulp,killing them and torturing them are the acts of ‘civilised’ people are they? My guess is, primitive man was a damn sight more civilised than these repulsive, disgusting so-called civilised people.
    Every time this creature opens his bigoted mouth, he sounds more and more idiotic and desperate.

  2. Can’t be more clear. He regards us as evil and that is the reason to have those laws.

    No doubt fagburn is going to find a way to rationalise it somehow.

  3. I really wish the games had been moved. It is atrocious that civilised countries are sending athletes and dignitaries to score points for that backward, immoral regime. Disgraceful.

  4. That’s funny because gay marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005 and it is ten times the country Russia will ever be. Spain and it’s traditional family values are doing just fine. I don’t believe for a second that Putin is mentally healthy, that’s some schizophrenic type thing going on.

    1. Yes, is called RELIGION.

  5. So abuse, torture, violence and death is like traditional values? Equality doesn’t harm anything good unlike what Putin endorses

  6. “…. but is also inherently anti-democratic because it is based on an abstract notion and runs counter to the will of the majority of people,”
    Putin there, quite clearly defining for us the meaning of ‘Russian Democracy’. When two wolves and a sheep decide on what’s for dinner. Whereas nations in “the West” have rules against tyranny of the majority. We have not forgotten the last regime that tried such things, and we do not see the things they did as being something to be admired or imitated.

    1. I’m sure Putin will stop pretending to agree with the values of democracy once his share of the vote falls below 110%

  7. F*** you Putin.

    you are not a conservative. You are a fascist dictator.

    By the way this article is very badly written. What did he say specifically about the homophobic laws?

    Or was he talking about conservative values and PN decided to pretend he was talking directly about the homophobic laws.

    The complete lacl

    1. He said about “genderless and fruitless so-called tolerance”.
      Mixing in the ever confusing ‘genderless marriage’ concept that bigots pull out of their backsides when talking about gay relationships, as well as the ‘be fruitful and multiply’ rubbish about how marriage should be all about treating women as baby factories.
      As for tolerance, or his admission that he lacks it, it is fairly obvious he is talking about gay people when his inbox is more or less filled, and has been for months, with messages pointing out that he and his laws are intolerant towards gay people and are only giving rise to further intolerance.
      Of course he has to be vague about all this, considering that his turds have to be thoroughly polished by February.

      1. Yes but Pink News states quite clearly that he was talking about these laws.

        But nowhere in the quotes is the law specifically referred to.

        PN’s complete lack of quality control means that you cannot take these stories at face value.

        The writer s often seem to ‘interpret’ stories and then present them as facts.

  8. “Quoting early 20th century Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev, the president said conservatism does not stop society from progressing but “prevents it from falling backward into chaotic darkness and the state of primitive man.”

    Ah..right. So beatings, torture and imprisonment are the acts of a civilised people are they? My guess is…primitive man was a darned sight more civilised than these creatures could ever be.
    Every time this bigot opens his mouth, he sounds more idiotic and desperate.
    Civilised!!!!!! Whatever.

  9. There are a million genuine Russian problems that Putin should direct his energies towards. Two clad or two lasses screwing is not one of them.

    Not is his other priority – banning the word “блядь” (which I better not translate here) from all tv, newspapers, etc.

    The man’s deranged.

    1. Should read “two lads*” not ‘clad’! Damn predictive text! :)

    2. Frank Boulton 14 Dec 2013, 3:26pm

      блядь = whore

  10. Frankly, should we expect anything better from him? His country has always had a precarious relationship with democracy/democratic values at the best of times and to me has always been backward. My dearly departed grandmother always used to hiss at me whenever I mentioned Russia as she blamed them just as much as Nazi Germany for WW2 breaking-out.

  11. The traditional values to which he refers appear to be working against them judging by Ukraine’s desire to turn its back on a Russia stuck in a colonial past.

  12. That There Other David 12 Dec 2013, 2:03pm

    Putin wouldn’t know a democratic value if one TaeKwonDo kicked him right in the face.

  13. Jen Marcus 12 Dec 2013, 2:52pm

    “Traditional Values?” Like the earth is flat and the center of the universe.Values that defy science and reason. Sure,Putin, drive Russia back to the Bronze Age where you derive your archaic values. You are a disgusting tyrant who uses religion and other oppressive tools to control and manipulate your people so you can maintain your arrogant self importance and power at the expense of the very people you allegedly govern.

  14. So says the jumped up turd who has done more to destroy, law, justice, democracy, than anyone else in that country, and who sits on the top of a mountain of theft and murder that is now the every day reality for the ordinary people of Russia. The traditional values of Russia are murder and theft of billions of state assets and the total destruction of any opposition to the thieves and murderers who are responsible.

  15. Is it really any surprise that this dictator doesn’t understand what democracy is? In a real democratic nation the majority DO NOT have the right to restrict the freedoms and rights of others in their country when those freedoms and rights have absolutely NO BEARING on them.

    Conservatives really don’t seem to understand this do they. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s the US or Russia, they all seem to think that democracy is the ability of the majority to attack and control a minority. THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY.

    My opinions of this sick and twisted little freak have not changed. He is another Hitler, he needs to be removed. The Russian people are allowing this to happen, which makes accusations of them being bigots and ignorant fools at least partially justified.

  16. A right egocentric lunatic for sure :-(

  17. Tom Cotner 12 Dec 2013, 3:13pm

    He is absolutely full of B. S. This whole thing is designed to steer opinion away from the rumor that he is gay himself.

    1. But then, isn’t that what ALL homophobia is about ….?

      1. Tom Cotner 12 Dec 2013, 4:06pm

        Of course, it is. And this should always be brought out into the open.

  18. Christopher Coleman 12 Dec 2013, 4:00pm

    Gulags, secret police, serfs … lovely traditional values. Most countries are trying to escape from traditional values, because they include so much that is disgusting.

  19. Russia’s traditional values include hate, abuse, and murder. I don’t think that is something to protect or even to be proud of.
    Putin is a bigoted idiot.

    1. 99.9% of the Russian people are really happy with anti-gay law, hopefully more laws will follow in the future and all gays and lesbians migrate to the western world)

  20. friday jones 12 Dec 2013, 10:01pm

    Values cannot be “destroyed,” but they CAN be forcefully imposed on others. And Heterosexism is definitely the forcibly-imposed value, not homosexuality, which is a personal orientation.

  21. soapbubblequeen 12 Dec 2013, 10:11pm

    Vladimeerkat Put-it-In dear, the only people destroying any sense of values, if we think of values as kindness, honesty, patience, respect for others and their difference from us, integrity, compassion, politeness etc., is YOU and your band of greedy corrupt Vodka-addled cronies.

  22. Putin looks a lot like the alien in the Russian Alien Autopsy film.

  23. As a lifelong student of Russian language, history, and culture I can state categorically that “traditional Russian values” prominently include alcoholism, wife-battering, and virulent anti-Semitism. Russia’s small, progressive intelligentsia managed in the 19th century to shine some light in this darkness, but its efforts in the face of this general cultural backwardness were always futile, if noble.

  24. They want to burn gays alive:

    It was said to thousands of people who gathered to listen to this guy.
    What’s worst. Most people who left comments on different news sites/forums support what he said. This is terrifying.

    And guess what. Nothing will happen to him. Nothing. I can only imagine what LGBT youth feel when they read this. My young brother was in tears and he has been in constant state of depresion and fear last several months.
    It just breaks my heart.I would do anyhting to help him immigrate to another country.

  25. Jon (Malaysia) 14 Dec 2013, 2:49pm

    A simian with lipstick just look!

  26. But do anti-gay laws actually protect against destruction of traditional values? I don’t think they do. Respect for fellow humans is a long standing traditional value that is being destroyed by these laws targeting a minority.
    Banning divorce would seem to be a more effective protection of traditional values but not a very much better one, who wants to see people trapped in unhappy marriages for the sake of tradition?
    Tradition doesn’t have feelings, tradition does not have human rights it is just a habit or action that has been repeated for a time, traditions naturally change over time or die out.

  27. So the people he has harmed, whose human rights he has violated, will vote on his punishment. Larger groups get to dictate the rights of others according to him so he is subject to his own pronouncment as an individual. Seems like a case of be careful what you wish for. Any two people can outvote any individual – be they politician, religious leader, or whatever. Being a politician or religious leader does not grant anyone impunity for human rights violations against millions of other human beings. Without equal protection under law, Russia’s constitutional democracy has ended.

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