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Lib Dem MP backs initiative to combat LGBT bullying in schools

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Reader comments

  1. This is not an initiative combat homophobic bullying. This is an initiative to conduct research into how to combat homophobic bullying, because apparently the topic is quite mysterious to Whitehall.

    Here’s an idea.

    How about we require all publicly funded schools, including faith schools, to:
    1. teach that LGBT people are a normal, natural, healthy part of a diverse society and have a right to fulfilling romantic and sexual relationships.
    2. treat homophobic bullying as seriously as racist bullying.
    3. consider the use of “fag” and pejorative use of “gay” as homophobic bullying.
    4. ensure children encounter positive LGBT role models and positive depictions of LGBT people.

    Can I have my research funding now, please?

    1. Unfortunately, to acquire funds you have to bid and put forward a proposal.

      At least this is being tackled properly for the first time in how many decades?

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