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Labour MP Geraint Davies publishes bill to ban gay ‘cure’ therapy

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Reader comments

  1. Wonderful news, hope the bill goes through.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Dec 2013, 2:29pm

    Well done, Geraint Davies, about time. Undoubtedly, a lot of religious Tory loons will oppose it who have the ear of CORE Issues and Christian Concern. I can just hear the mantra playing the victim card…”abuse of religious freedom” crap. Such a lame one too.

  3. I see one of these sharlatans managed to get themselves on to the BBC news channel this afternoon. This is another example of BBC balance? I hope they see fit to complete the picture and have a Phycologist or a Phychiatrist explain why this legislation is necessary, and the damage such “cure/reparative” therapy can engender. I met someone who had undergone this nonsense many years ago and its a vile thing to do to anyone, fortunately they recovered the experience with the help of a reputable PHYCHOLOGIST. but it left a scar on their life.
    So heartily welcome this measure, and hope the government will support it so it becomes law.

  4. So that’s a hissy fit from Core Issues Trust all two of them. Or Christian Concern with their hand full added on makes five. They do have a fundamentalist decision maker in the BBC News production staff so maybe that explains how the few gobby delusional mouthpieces for Core-blimey and Christian of no concern manages to get airtime?

  5. Well done and best of luck. If it fails, I’m going to push for a bill which forces religious nut-jobs to have conversion therapy – to go from ‘self-delusionist’ to ‘normal person’.

  6. Carol Uren 12 Dec 2013, 5:45pm

    Pity it doesn’t include gender identity as well, conversion therapists still target transgender people – and would increase their attack on us if they were prevented from targeting gay people.

  7. I know those who have been abused by this practice from the “psychotherapy profession” quacks . I used the comparison about Aborigine children been abducted from their homes to “cure” them of their culture, but was then informed by a victim of such practice, that mu analogy was wrong, and that it was more akin to being black and assisted by an NHS registered psychotherapist to bleach your skin violently to somehow change race.

  8. Mike Davidson granted air time on BBC News Channel to speak in favour of conversion therapy –

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