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Labour MP Chris Bryant jokes about gay play Tory Boyz in asking about civil partnership conversions

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Reader comments

  1. Chris Bryant, a man who once said we shouldn’t “ape” heterosexual relationships as our relationships are different (i.e. civil partnerships are good, marriage bad for same sex couples), took 6 years to change his stance. Now he is pushing for the Government to hurry up? Really?? The hypocrisy is quite astounding. He’s the latecomer to a party tutting that someone is taking too long to cut the cake.

    1. He’s on the right side now and asking questions that require answers, perhaps it’s time to stop mooching about in the past and put your old grudge away Jae.
      I think it’s unbecoming to attack people who are on our side (however long it took them to arrive here).

    2. I hope he’s asking on behalf of others and not himself, as, as Jae says, he was pretty late to the cause, and hitherto professed that his preference was for a CP.

  2. Pathetic reply from the DCM, it should NOT take 18 months from the date the bill was passed to the date when the majority of SSM can take place. Most SSM will be us converting our CPs to marriages and I just don#t buy the DCMS reasoning / excuses for the delay. For shame, pull your fingers out and get it sorted ASAP!!!

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