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German celebrities lock lips in GQ shoot to tackle homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. This is not news. It is a press release from German GQ.

    Why is there absolutely no quality control on this site?

    1. Its still news. Its still heterosexual male celebs kissing in defiance of homophobia.

    2. Why isn’t that news? I didn’t know that GQ were running that article/release/photoshoot/whatever. Does it have to be copied from a news site to be considered news in your opinion?

    3. Dear God, SteveC, are you a professional miseryguts? Moan, moan, moan. Do you actually have a job too?

    4. john lyttle 12 Dec 2013, 5:21pm

      I’m guessing that if I look up Happy in the dictionary there won’t be a photograph of your face.

  2. Fantastic, well done German GQ. Its UK equivalent doing anything like this would be unthinkable, thanks to the ghastly Dylan Jones – let alone the scant likelihood of heterosexual British rappers and Olympians being willing to take part.

  3. Fantastic idea! I’ve heard ignorant family members grown in disgust when they see two men kissing on a TV show. What signal does that send to impressionable kids? But they do that because it is so incredibly rare to see two men kissing. Like any situation, the more familiar people become with it, the less surprising and therefore shocking it becomes.

    1. john lyttle 12 Dec 2013, 5:23pm

      I groan when I see two men kissing on television, too. No, sorry, I mean moan. Grunt. Gasp…

      You catch my drift.

  4. I think these are beautiful images. It looks extremely natural to me.

  5. Excellent expression of solidarity by GQ and the stars involved.

    PS Great to see Grönemeyer’s involvement too – I believe he’s the biggest-selling German-language artist ever.

  6. Very imaginative and inspiring. These guys get it, they all express the right view and actually know what democracy means.

    These should be the views of all government leaders no matter what country it is. It’s an embarrassment that people are still electing and refusing to challenge clearly ignorant and uneducated people like Putin.

  7. It would be utterly fantastic if Germany was the next country to make gay marriage legal. I would just LOVE to see the moronic homophobic and biphobic bigots on Stormfront Britain go absolutely nuts if the Fatherland was next to join the revolution!

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Dec 2013, 7:50pm

    Come on Brit celebs, lets be having you! Jude Law snogging David Beckham for starters.

  9. Why isn’t Mr Perfect Til Schweiger in this?

  10. I just want to know what they are saying!

    1. You can find the English translation of what they’re saying in the description of the video.

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