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European Court of Justice: Civil partnerships must contain the same worker benefits as marriages

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Reader comments

  1. It means that sooner or later the only difference between marriages and civil unions will be only the name.

  2. Christopher Coleman 12 Dec 2013, 4:03pm

    Thank God (or whatever you hold dear) for Europe!

  3. This is a very good example of why we need marriage equality. Giving gay marriage a different name, such as civil partnerships, makes double standards and bigotry easier.

  4. While this is a good thing in the context of a gay marriage ban, it is a bad thing if a system with both marriage and civil unions.

    The French PACS is nicely placed as a useful package of rights, more easily entered into and left, for those cohabiting couples who don’t want the full integration of marriage. If judges wipe out all the differences between the two it just leaves less choice for ordinary people.

    Hopefully, in the light of marriage equality, the French courts will ignore the advice as out of date.

    1. The ruling will presumably not apply in the future to differences in treatment between marriage and PACS in France (which clearly doesn’t count as direct discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation now that people of all orientations can enter into both), but it should set an important precedent for the several European countries that have some form of registered partnership for same-sex couples but not full marriage equality.

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