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Australian High Court bans gay couples from marrying

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Reader comments

  1. The Australian High Court just signed to 27 divorces.
    I guess that the anti-gay crowd will spin this abuse to say that gay people’s relationships are somehow inherently unstable, and should therefore be unworthy of marriage rights.

    1. Not divorces…annulments. They were automatic with the decision ruling.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Dec 2013, 11:43am

    Appalling, cruel, inhumane! I hope our Australian brothers and sisters take to the streets along with straight allies to demand this basic of human rights. It’s absolutely shameful. That awful British born Tony Abott catholic bigot needs to be booted out!

    1. We don’t like him, he’s broken, as expected, every promise he’s made. Even cut a $1.2BN pre-funded package agreement to raise the wages of the lowest paid aged care workers while putting the money to use for a paid maternity scheme where people on wages of $150,000 can claim half-wages from the taxpayer for 6 months!

      He came to Australia as a 10 Pound Pom on ‘The Oronsay’ in 1960. We’d like to give the 10 GBP back and deport him as an illegal Boatperson, please!

      1. Frank Boulton 14 Dec 2013, 3:00pm

        Adam, I’m a POM living in New Zealand, a country which now has marriage equality. You LGBTI Australians need to publicly embarrass Tony Abbott by pointing out in the media that many Australian LGBTI couples now travel to New Zealand to wed. All the money that they spending in New Zealand on wedding, receptions, celebrants, venue hire, flights, accommodation, catering, food, drink, jewellery, wedding dresses suit hire, printing and mailing invitations and much more, belongs in Australian pockets. Let him squirm his way out of the millions of dollars that he’s taking out of the pockets of Australians.

  3. Jock S. Trap 12 Dec 2013, 11:48am

    Absolutely disgusting and typical of the bigoted religious sect.

    This isn’t a Step backwards but a Huge Drop backwards for All Australians!


  5. AUSTRALIA…you’re standing in it. A huge flat steaming pile of it in the South Seas. And nowhere to run to. I am ashamed to have been born here. It just gets worse and worse every year.

  6. For Shame – Every superstitious Ozzie who claims it is against their imaginary ‘god’ rules should be ashamed of themselves –

  7. But the judges also said :-

    ‘There are no historical, religious or constitutional barriers to Same sex marriage in Australia. The way is open as long as the law in national.’

    A pretty powerful statement and throws the ball back at the federal Government. So the fight begins again and politicians will have to get some backbone and pass it in the face of the loud, but increasingly diminishing, bigots.

  8. The British immigrants who came to Australia during the 1950s and 1960s make up a large percentage of the Australian population, indeed many young Australians can trace their ancestry there back only a few generations, not all but quite a lot. White and especially British people were actively encouraged to emigrate there, it is a country full of immigrants, I don’t like the man but you can’t single him out because of that (unless we’re pointing out his hypocrisy when it comes to asylum seekers and non-white immigrants today). I bet a lot of the people who call him a “Pom” were “Poms” too not too far back in their history. Thank the White Australia Policy.

    1. This was meant to be a reply to Robert in Kensington and Adam, Lord knows why it didn’t appear under their posts…

  9. I watched an interview with a representative of a LGBT family charity on the BBC last night who accurately described what was happening in Australia.

    Even though all public polling shows massive support for equal marriage, with those younger even more supportive (something like 70% of the population) the religious factions hold too much power in government and are calling the shots here.

    The only people in Australia preventing marriage equality are the religious fanatics, once again dictating to a secular society their own rules and blackmailing weak politicians. This is no better than a Taliban group influencing democratic government to maintain backward social laws.

    Politicians who do not act in the best interests of their people, for equality and rights, should be removed as soon as possible.

    The LGBT groups and their supporters should create a working group, make a statement, and release it to the press making this clear. It’s time these groups came together under one banner.

  10. rapture777 12 Dec 2013, 1:31pm

    First the travesty of what has happened in india and now austrailia, not a good week for human rights or ending apartheid in these countries. It’s ironic that mandela is celebrated this week and the fight against apartheid takes 2 backward steps.

  11. The UK have been stealing the marriages of trans people since 2005 by forcing them into divorce.

  12. The Gay community needs to start massive, international and coordinated personal witch hunts. Let these people know, their bigotry has a price now.

  13. I think this will do nothing but galvanise the argument for equal marriage. The Abbott Government will think they have won however this is the beginning of the end. As an Australian living in the UK, I am so embarrassed that our country is lagging desperately behind the rest of the world – New Zealand for fcks sake has equal marriage – but when you vote a religious nut job into power because the other team couldn’t get their act together, then you only have yourself to blame. I thank every day of the 6 years I have spent in this country. It may not be perfect all the time but when a conservative government pushes through marriage equality without too much opposition, that country is OK with me.

  14. were told constantly that in Australia its a better life…………………. why?

  15. Australia wants to be one of the “big” boys in the world; they will have to do a lot of growing up before it will be the case.

  16. colonelkira 12 Dec 2013, 6:25pm

    It is exactly the result that was expected, so get upset yes, but what the court is saying is that there is nothing to stop marriage equality but with the constitution as it is the law must be federal……… was actually a positive step, because it will galvanize the base to focus on the end result and to fight the correct battles. Hopefully soon!

  17. I like to know who these couples were hurting by publicly declaring their love.

  18. An appalling decision. Unfortunately, one has learnt to expect the worst from our nearest neighbour. It has lurched backward when it comes to human rights, not only with marriage equality, but also Aboriginal rights and the status of refugees and asylum seekers.

    1. Actually Craig, this is the correct decision for the High Court to make as marriage needs to remain a commonwealth (and not state/territory based) statute so we can all enjoy the same rights. This will merely continue to add pressure on the government (equal marriage has broad bi-partisan support, unusual in a country with otherwise highly polarised politcial views). It’s a good move to frame Abbott as being completely out of touch with the wishes of the majority of the electorate. Yes, good on NZ for getting their first – commendable, but don’t write Oz off as a ‘backwater’ – we’re largely good people (who need to better understand our indigenous brothers and sisters). If NZ had boatloads of refugees turning up on its shores (highly unlikely) – it could also cause a rethink on immigration policy. But yes, the current asylum seeker situation in OZ needs review.

  19. Kristyana in au 12 Dec 2013, 11:54pm

    One thing on this , the high court has with the decision also determined the meaning of marriage as a term. They determined that it is a union between two NATURAL PERSONS . That together with the decision that only the federal government has the constitutional right to change the act , it is actually good thing for when it changes in the future as it will preclude any challenge from states , groups or individuals.The decision I believe is likely the legally correct one under the constitution and is clever in that it is clearly opening the door to an immutable change. I noted the Christian lobby say, oh they should give up now its over, I read the subtext to be they now know that when this becomes law they are not going to have any grounds for appeal. Of course they want people to give up they are losing the fight at every level except in the liberal governments cabinet room ! I don’t think it is to far away though the fight still has to be won it is now focused on federal law .

  20. Despite hopes to the contrary, nothing will happen until a Labor Govt. is elected again – which may take some years. We were the last `civilised’ country to deciminalise homosexuality and we will be the last such one to legalise gay marriage. Why? One simple answer – the (un) Christian Church.

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